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One of the Year’s Premier House Anthems: StoneBridge and K-Syran’s ‘Starry Night’

StoneBridge and K-Syran's Hands-in-the-Air Anthem Gears Up for Greater Success

Balearic Vibes

The most recent addition to the outstanding series of hottest tracks in New York. StoneBridge and K-Syran embarked on a global journey with their high-energy anthem, ‘Starry Night.’ Highlighted by K-Syran’s exceptional vocal performance, the primary versions of ‘Starry Night’ were meticulously recorded in Stockholm, an ideal backdrop for an Ibiza-inspired anthem of this magnitude.

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Starry Night

House Anthem

In contemporary terms, this progressive anthem exudes a distinctly Balearic atmosphere, steadily transforming into a work of art. It is remarkably well-crafted, embracing the essence of an Ibiza house anthem. Offering both vocal and dub variations, this track is versatile, catering to diverse dancefloors, and appears poised for even greater success. StoneBridge, in collaboration with K-Syran on vocals, has delivered a remarkable hands-in-the-air anthem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is StoneBridge, and what are some of his notable achievements in the music industry?

StoneBridge is a Swedish DJ and record producer renowned for his remix of the hit “Show Me Love” with Robin S. and his Grammy-nominated remix for “Closer” by Ne-Yo. He is also a resident DJ at Sirius XM/BPM, hosting the show StoneBridge #bpmMix.

Can you tell us about StoneBridge’s involvement in radio and his podcast?

StoneBridge hosts the StoneBridge #bpmMix show on Sirius XM/BPM every Saturday at 11 pm (PST) in North America. He also runs the StoneBridge HKJ podcast, showcasing his mixing skills and music selection.

What is Funky House, and how would you describe its characteristics?

Funky house is a subgenre of house music characterized by its use of disco and funk samples, funk-inspired basslines, or strong soul influences. It often incorporates drum breaks reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s funk records, and disco strings are commonly used. The genre is known for its bouncy tempo, typically around 128 BPM, and features distinctive elements like basslines, swooshes, swirls, and synthesized sounds.

Could you name some record labels associated with Funky House and its commercial popularity?

Funky house has gained commercial popularity, with record labels like Defected Records, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, and Fierce Angel releasing compilation albums dedicated to the genre.

What is the background and key highlights of the track ‘Starry Night’ by StoneBridge and K-Syran?

‘Starry Night’ by StoneBridge and K-Syran is a high-energy anthem that has become one of the premier house tracks of the year. It features exceptional vocal performances by K-Syran and was meticulously recorded in Stockholm, creating an ideal backdrop for an Ibiza-inspired masterpiece. The track offers both vocal and dub variations, making it versatile for various dancefloors.

How would you describe the collaboration between StoneBridge and K-Syran on ‘Starry Night’?

The collaboration between StoneBridge and K-Syran on ‘Starry Night’ has resulted in a remarkable hands-in-the-air anthem. K-Syran’s exceptional vocals combined with StoneBridge’s production expertise have created a track that is poised for even greater success in the music industry.



StoneBridge is a Swedish DJ and record producer.[1] He received international acclaim with the remix of the 1993 hit “Show Me Love” with Robin S. and his remix for “Closer” by Ne-Yo which received a 2008 Grammy nomination.

StoneBridge is also a resident at Sirius XM/BPM with his show StoneBridge #bpmMix every Saturday 11pm (PST) over North America. He also mixes his weekly StoneBridge HKJ podcast and runs record label Stoney Boy Music.