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Swedish Maestro StoneBridge Teams Up Again With Elsa Li Jones – Somebody

Snapped up from StoneBridge’s International Stoney Boy Music imprint

Swedish Maestro StoneBridge Teams Up Again With Elsa Li Jones – Somebody

When you think you can’t take the crowd any higher – this house anthem will push them over the edge. That trademark hard-hitting house music production sound has increased StoneBridge´s global profile considerably. The first sign is an eloquent, anthemic collaboration, as StoneBridge and Elsa Li Jones have combined their talents once again. What’s the story behind the track? Following up on their Billboard No 1 club hit ‘If You Like It’ they now bring you their next floor filler ‘Somebody’. “We liked the finality of this track, it’s very anthemic,” StoneBridge told Rich TVX News. “Did I pass the house test? I’m extremely happy that once again I was able to record with Elsa Li Jones,” StoneBridge enthused. StoneBridge sprinkles some of his magic dust over his latest single and creates an mix in a completely different style but of equally anthemic proportions. What a catchy house monster this is. The bassline instantly snares you with a Ibiza vibe. Seductively groovy and icy cool. Harder than most but all the better for it. Full of balls and punch, this is one to watch out for on the dancefloor – it could take you by surprise! One of the world’s most positive house music labels provides new mixes of one of the most positive house anthems of the year. Snapped up from StoneBridge’s International Stoney Boy Music imprint, ‘Somebody’ is Rich TVX News Network’s house anthem at the moment.  

Somebody (feat. Elsa Li Jones) – StoneBridge

NEW YORK ( – While others fiddle around with a loop or two and title the track “TR-909” or  “TB-303”, the legendary StoneBridge, the undisputed leader, the global DJ celeb, one who manages to stay credible, get dancefloors steamed up wherever he goes, and raid charts all over makes real music. StoneBridge was introduced to Elsa Li Jones through a common music connection in LA. The combination of Elsa Li’s rock background and StoneBridge’s funky house beats come together and form the perfect mix of both sounds. Who can discount the amazing contribution StoneBridge has made to the music industry during his colourful career? Having been responsible for innumerable house anthems, the Rich TVX News Network finally confirmed the long-running rumours over StoneBridge’s new anthem ‘Somebody’. From start to finish, it’s a mellow, head-nodding, vibed-out performance, with lots of attention to detail. In a brief statement, StoneBridge, the Grammy Nominated DJ and producer from Stockholm, has just announced details of the full package of ‘Somebody’, which comes in three flavours kicking off with the Main Mix which is a true crowd pleaser. There was really no way it could fail, as the StoneBridge UK Mix is giving you bass driven deeper vibes. Pick of the bunch is the StoneBridge & Lil’ Joey´s Ibiza Dub remix of ‘Somebody’, the hoover anthem with the monster percussion and hard-house beats. A great big anthemic party tune, it’s a feel- good funky house tune with all the generic bass lines, house drum rolls and vocals by Elsa Li Jones. One of the biggest anthems for StoneBridge, this rises up like a phoenix, with one of the most intricately arranged layers of meticulously chosen elements, those cunning melodies, those wild pitch licks, that drastic drum roll and that uplifting rush, and is destined to be totally huge. For us, this is a real Ibiza tune. This track is really brilliant. It’s incredible.

StoneBridge (DJ)

Sten Hallström, also known by his stage name StoneBridge, is a Swedish DJ and record producer.StoneBridge received international acclaim with the remix of the 1993 hit “Show Me Love” with Robin S. and his remix for Closer by Ne-Yo which received a 2008 Grammy nomination. StoneBridge is also a resident at Sirius XM/BPM with his show StoneBridge #bpmMix every Saturday 11pm (PST) over North America. He also mixes his weekly StoneBridge HKJ podcast and runs his two record labels Stoney Boy Music and Dirty Harry Records.

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Electronic dance music (EDM), also known as dance music, club music, or simply dance,[1] is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres made largely for nightclubsraves, and festivals. It is generally produced for playback by DJs who create seamless selections of tracks, called a DJ mix, by segueing from one recording to another.[2] EDM producers also perform their music live in a concert or festival setting in what is sometimes called a live PA.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, following the emergence of ravingpirate radio, PartyCrews, underground festivals and an upsurge of interest in club culture, EDM achieved mainstream popularity in Europe. In the United States, however, acceptance of rave culture was not universal outside of regional scenes in New York City, Florida, the Midwest, and California; although both electro and Chicago house music were influential both in Europe and the United States, mainstream media outlets and the record industry remained openly hostile to it. There was also a perceived association between EDM and drug culture, which led governments at state and city levels to enact laws and policies intended to halt the spread of rave culture.[3]

Subsequently, in the new millennium, the popularity of EDM increased globally, particularly in the United States and Australia. By the early 2010s, the term “electronic dance music” and the initialism “EDM” was being pushed by the American music industry and music press in an effort to rebrand American rave culture.[3] Despite the industry’s attempt to create a specific EDM brand, the initialism remains in use as an umbrella term for multiple genres, including dance-pophousetechno and electro, as well as their respective subgenres.[4][5][6]