Don Lemon : All Trump supporters is "Nazi" , "terrorism'' – 'I believe what I said'

#Foxnews #Newsmax #OAN
Don Lemon : All Trump supporters is “Nazi” , “terrorism” – ‘I believe what I said’


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  • NEVER refer to Biden as "president elect".
    That's proven to be the farthest thing from the truth.
    He will NEVER be recognized as anything but a criminal to the entire world.

  • Hey don what's that make the left rioters burning cities?

  • Don't ever and forever cheat people who were more honest/sincere than yourself; don't deprieved their rights less you will feel regret and sorry;

  • Don Lemon is a total A__, another screwed up Democrats afraid of FREE SPEECH.

  • This is the right time that all country to be united against China the evil empire. If you don't act now, he will destroy your country. This evil ruler intentionally to spread the Coronavirus to paralyse his enemy.

    ✝️. May the power in the name of the Son of God keep you safe through the Spirit of Most High 🙏🏻 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Martial must Declare! And erase and clean all gangs! And confiscate all guns holders! Exluding police and Govt. AGENCIES! LET THE MILITARY DO all the duties. And allowed Religious gatherings. Except Fucking Rally! Nes.

  • Ur right sir! Thats the reason l came my attention to OAN. I'!LL never anymore watch cnn and some Extreme media. Same here in Mla. Ph. I dont want to listen an idiot reporter. And editedNews! Tremendous happening now! Keep up the goodwork OAN. T. Y. Nes. Mla. Ph.

  • so im a nazi supporter cuz i like trump… what a country

  • CNN: CONTINUOUS NAUSEATING NETWORK Has gone Communist! We are not commenting for a lack of better things to do WE KNOW WHATS GOING ON AND CIVIL WAR IS GOING ON!!!!!

  • Don Lemon voted for the person pedos support.

  • Awesome, for it's starting to look like we're going to have President Donald J Trump for 4 to 8 more years great job Mr President!!! Glad is possibly no Joe, and keep voting out the swamp rats!!! That's called Keeping America

  • They must do it to BLM and Antifa includes the puppet of communist.

  • I want to see Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly debate about this! Do they really think that we are nazis? Well Anderson Cooper followed me on IG, so he a nazi too?

  • Those who can take a ride up there from wherever you live and hand this man some cash God bless you all out there I think a lot of us that can afford it should do that just drank the drive up there and take a plane Hana Mana go back a cash tell him God bless you hope this helps

  • Where can people make donations to help him with his legal fees I think all is Patriots got that can't afford it to try to send him something even if it's only 20 bucks might help him out just a thought

  • South 75 200 million people out there that support the movement and Trump any of you who can who is financially able out there where it wouldn't cause you any kind of hardship I can't do it I'm retired and live on Social Security but I wish a bunch of you would get together soon as man a lot of money fee up and pay all these legal fees and defeat these communist God bless you all like to hear God bless for Country United States of America God bless President Trump and God bless every freedom-loving American freedom fighter out there amen

  • President reject Beijing Biden will be arrested soon along with Kamala extract and all the other sorry perverts up there if not and something doesn't happen you have not even begun to imagine the war they will have on their hands right here in our country their greatest imagination can't even scratch the surface

  • ➗ impeach a president for something that was led by a BLM Representative by the name of John Sullivan LoL

  • Is there a way to sue this very sour lemon for calling trump supporters klansmen and nazis? This is defamation and a BIG ONE. Any one out there, any lawyer who deals with this issue can shed light to these kind of namings/callings?

  • OAN what amazing reporting, it is so nice to hear the truth for a change. Tell Olli North he is looking great nice to see him on your show. It is finally starting to happen down there across the USA. Seventy some million Conservative voters are starting to speak up about the horrible voting system that has crept into your country. The most scary thing to me to watch from up here in the north, is how many news media outlets have been holding back pertinent information, and especially the daily bad mouthing of Pres Trump since the day he became President. I feel so sorry for the poor man and his beautiful lady. He brought back so many American businesses from China and made both of our economies profitable again. Then this dang covid stuff hit. You know the law should be that top government positions must only be filled by business people, not lawyers and politicians. I still remember that comment from a lawyer I once had who looked after the books of a business I owned many moons ago, lol. I guess he couldn't get over that I kept to the profit margins and stuff. If this voting stuff ever gets to a judge who has the gonads to see the proof and listen to over 150 testimonials that are going to be presented, and Pres Trump gets his job back for another term, there are going to be some heads rolling. Anyway, time will tell. All I can say is God bless the good old USA.

  • Does anyone read the Bible. God made man and women not man and man

  • Democrats are cheaters and corrupt

  • In the Capitol breach during President Trump's impeachment, arrested people in the riot were Antifa and BLM people hired by Dems, NOT Trump supporters!! Dems, Sons of whores!!
    President Trump will prevail and secure his Presidency to MAGA!!

  • Lemon does God permit gay?

  • there was not a take over of the capital, it was a mostly peaceful protest!!

  • Now the MSM calls all Trump supporters as Nazi Terrorists while many Biden haters believes that all Biden supporters are Antifa/BLM Democrat Party Mainline Terrorists? The truth is that a small group of foreign funded and self imposed radical anarchists on both the left and the right are being used as political tools to demonize their opposition by both sides. The American people are being decieved to the point that no one believes anyone any longer. It is written that in the last days mens heart will wax cold against one another and evil will be percieved as good. Ask your self who gains from all this derision?

  • His boss Soros is a Nazi

  • Boycott this rotten lemon!!!

  • The People v. Donald J. Trump AND Pence The criminal case against him is already in the works — and it could go to trial sooner than you think. CASE #??-????

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