One America News 2PM 1/10/2021 | OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 2PM Jan 10, 2021

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  • Trump supporters are peaceful protesters. There were instigators in the crowd lots of them

  • Send the military to arrest them and biased media

  • Great job reporting!

  • The nerve of the so called repubublicans ask Biden not to impeach President Trump, what a joke😂

  • Mainstream media unfortunately is changing the narrative to achieve channel ratings not truth.
    for some, some media today is sensationalism .

  • Yes mr. President used martial law if necessary you need to save our country and its Constitution

  • Pelosi has wasted so much time and money focusing on Trump

  • Excellent job!

  • Stop this Trump cult. You believe in One guy (Trump) and stand for nothing. You spit on our democratic institutions, and in the same breath claim to defend it. Your only beholden to one man and one mans word. The courts (THE JUDICIAL BRANCH) denied the all grievances ledge against the election results , citing LACK OF EVIDENCE. Open you eyes, if they are not yet crusted over by Trump’s ejaculate.

  • I tell you what I'd really like to see happen to this very damn day is the people that stole Nancy pelosi's laptop actually come out and give it to every news organization how many people in the Democratic party had a hand in voter fraud to make sure that Donald j Trump lost his election and I hope like hell it extends to about 30 people in the Senate and at least 50 people in the house Democrats that had a hand in rigging the 2021 election against Donald j Trump and that would be presented from evidence off of Nancy pelosi's laptop

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