Founder of Students For Trump, Ryan Fournier, on Bias Training & 'White Privilege'

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  • I want to thank all democrats
    who go out and vote republican
    when someone of their race runs
    as a conservative by the millions.

  • I'm from San Diego Cali you don't get it unless you live it in front of your face. There are people who still dislike any people of color I faced it in La Mesa, East County also in the South Bay. Yes, I mean from certain school admins who no longer work there. Now schools let's go there, shall we? Education has a common problem all over the nation. ALL school districts do not give all kids the same experience in regard to education/software/tech/computers and quilty eduction! It's sad when seeing a city with 18 failing elementary schools 5 failing middle schools and 4 failing high schools. Within all of that, some schools have sponsorships and private money in addition to state/ federal funds. While the other schools struggle to get funds! Plus when talking about education it's not all the teacher's fault or the schools completely.

    Parents need to get involved to help keep kids on task! Just because a child can spend most of their time with a teacher does not mean, that the teacher does all of the heavy lifting in aiding that child's education. There are other issues as well in some places 1 and 4 kids go hungry! Or there are problems at home or in their communities. Some kids have learning disabilities, so teachers have to modify classwork to make sure they fit in. Some kids can't even get or have clean clothes so they won't be bullied at school. Now many schools have washers and dryers so kids can feel good about having clean clothes. So before your dumbass reporters just say look your schools are failing! THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY THAN THAT!

  • TRUMP 8 MORE YEARS or we will lose freedom

  • White privilege is alive and well. It does not belong in quotations. This network is contributing to a mindset of ignorance. Disgraceful.

  • Unprofessional and disturbing.

  • This is the biggest joke on the internet

  • 4:55 unless of course you’re a trump supporter. “ you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me” Biden addressing a group of African Americans

  • 30 days left. Enjoy the end😃

  • They are trying to make white ppl feel uncomfortable at school, so they will quit. To crush the middle class. Stand up

  • He is talking about a waste of money! How about the wall! Complete waste of $ that was designated for education of military children


  • Deleting comments.
    Here and I thought OAN was different.

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