CPAC 2021 Dana Loesch Full Speech 7/10/21

Watch Dana Loesch’s full speech from CPAC 2021 in Dallas, TX.

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  • Actually, look up the Annie story. The truth is in the research. It was actually a prostitute busted for cocaine that tried to get out of it by claiming she was Annie. A stupid journalist jumped on the story and followed by others, who all retracted when they realised their mistake. It cost Annie more than she got in damages. It had nothing to do with targeting Annie, or smearing the name of someone advocating firearm usage or women self defence. BUT like a true republican Dana twists a story to fabricate a non existing truth for the purpose of hoaxing people into support. That is, she/they lie about things that others feel are important to coax support and funds.

  • Seems like she knows how to Pander to the crowd just like a Democrat

  • I would never want this woman angry at me

  • This lady needs to run for president

  • Fake news is just a nice way of saying liars. Imagine if everyone told the truth, how much different the world would be. Today, the truth is now a lie and good is now evil. I think it’s time for God to have another ark built.

  • People in America have been making firearms at home since the beginning of this country. Remember Dave Chipman was involved in Ruby Ridge, Waco and Fast N Furious!

  • Love Dana, she is so freakin bad ass awesome!

  • Love that Dana, and I recognize it was leg day.


  • Wow, great history lesson

  • You people do realize republican have sold this country out right? Politics and voting doesn't matter lol. You guys just as woke as the left.

  • Jeez more fake republicans acting like they are going to save country while they screw it

  • Came for the legs.

  • Very very good!

  • She’s such a great speaker. Always something new when I see her speak in person, no talking points. It’s amazing she is able to give such a compelling speech with what she is going through. Praying for you dana 🙏

  • Thank you Dana! But what a waste of good tea! 🇬🇧

  • Please God. Find me a American loving strong beautiful woman like dana..

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