CPAC 2021 Glenn Beck Full Speech 7/10/21

Watch Glenn Beck’s full speech from CPAC 2021 in Dallas, TX.

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  • Nice speech, yet here we are….black people still feel the effects of your "non-slavery." shaking my head. Keep living in la la land if you want to. Good bye America…you've been really shitty.

  • Beck is on point with 90% but wrong about the Civil War that " Whites were killing Whites to free blacks". The Civil War was started by Lincoln wanting to Tax the South Carolina textile/cotton industry a 40% tax on the landowners. They told Lincoln to basically " Go to hell" .Then Lincoln brought in Navy ships to Fort Sumter SC. Fearing the worst from the tyrant Lincoln, the SC militia fired cannon fire onto Ft. Sumpter and THAT was the beginning of the War. Lincoln did not care about the slaves , he only cared about the "Union ". Just read (Google it), Lincoln's letter to Sen. Horace Greeley, this will prove it. Later in the War, the North was getting decimated and needed men. Lincoln had to "Save the Union " and for this to happen, the Slaves were promised there freedom if they escaped the South and joined the North Union Army. This is how it EVOLVED into freeing the slaves, not the REASON the War . Where Harriet Tubman and others like her , risked there lives in the cause for freedom. This is the Real history and truth about the Civil War. This Country raves about Lincoln as if he a God. He was a traitor and a overbearing Sob. He locked up and censored journalists for reporting the news. He also had certain newspapers banned from sale to the public. Sort of what is happening today , isn't it??

  • wtf? did the internet run out of memory why did it stop?

  • I had to listen to this one a second time.

  • This is not the full speech. WHy did Youtube edit the speech? At least 25 minutes are missing. Disgusting. Watch the whole thing on CSPAN before they chop out the final 25 minutes because it exposes the evil progressive agenda from its roots. Evidently the Progressives have nothing to fear but the Truth itself

  • I’m going to have to watch him later. You can’t watch Glenn at 3:39 am and expect to go to sleep. I’ve seen him in person and watched him for years. He’s an amazing man.

  • I'm just here to tell you to go watch on Rumble!!! Support the uncensored platforms!!

    Both Rumble and RSBN even have apps for Android TV, and they work great! 😉👍🏼

  • Full speech? O rly?

  • Glenn blew this one right out of the park. Fantastic. I can listen to him for hours.

  • very powerful stuff

  • Glenn Beck Pours The Large Amount's Of The Truth To All '' THE AMERICAN PEOPLE '' !!

  • Actually it’s NOT the FULL speech… 🤦‍♂️

  • Patriot ! Leader !!!

  • Great presentation/speach Glenn.
    Play it in every classroom.

  • Worship GOD only don't be upset about the color

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