Progressives Censorship Rises to Totalitarian Levels

Two Democratic Congresspeople want to censor Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network over their election fraud coverage-but nowhere do these Congresspeople mention that for three years the left-wing outlets carried on a daily basis false and fallacious reporting and analysis on Russian collusion.


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  • I watch Sky News Australia.

  • They are space cadets. 🙂


  • They need to go.

  • Oh, it wont happen eh Bill? ha ha You just dont get it. Unconstitutional you say? And just who the hell you think is going to do anything about it, besides "make a statement"? Which by the way, will soon be illegal as well. You'll see.

  • Fake new's from the Dem's , main new's media , all the left loon's Bill. Your the real deal. Thank you 👍

  • Who realizes that this whole situation will come down to a civil violent conflict, it's the only way to stop THE CCP SUPPORTERS.

  • These two congressional representatives in California are renowned for being communist.

  • wouldn't you know they are from CA where Dems have been getting their way for years. What a misuse of power. Who are they to tell the public where they can get news and information. Things are changing in the political climate in CA and these two should probably start looking for new careers.

  • Get these 2 COMMUNISTS called democrats out of OUR CONGRESS! A LETTER MUST BE PRESENTED TO REMOVE these 2 COMMUNIST WHO ARE pushing a totalitarian rule IN OUR CONGRESS HOUSE!! They do not represent our CONSTITUTIONSL PRINCIPLES!

  • 👍🇺🇸

  • This is one of the many indicators the US is in deep trouble.

  • Welcome to CHINUSA!

  • It happens the same in Venezuela , little by little they muzzled the media and the only voice you heard was the one in power , you can see the results clearly

  • CNN and all of the anti Trump media has lied for 4 years everyday reporting on False on Donald Trump and Fake Russian collusion

  • you never talked about the election fraud because you are weak & self-serving o'reilly you did not want to upset the apple cart

  • 4:30 "It's not going to happen…that would be unconstitutional." How cute. Bill thinks the Constitution is still in effect.

  • i remember bill from the bush years. never thought i'd hear him stand up for real patriots. glad the enemy is democrats and compromised pedophile republicans this time. its hard to find people who claim they voted for biden outside of the media.

  • The absolute arrogance and stupidity on the left is stunning. I still can’t believe this is real. We’re getting punked right?


  • How about 1000 plus sworn affidavits that there was election fraud committed all over the country?

  • They are moving that old Overton window little by little.

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