Crumbs for you! | Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka details the ‘travesty’ of a relief bill Nancy Pelosi delayed for months while American receive next to nothing and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Greg Kelly Reports.’

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  • The only ones benefitting from this so called stimulus bill are the criminals writing the bill

  • Both Democrats and Republicans have to go, ALL OF THEM. There is no fixing this trainwreck at this point in time. There needs to be term limits….no career politicians. The career politicians have manipulated the system to stay in for their own benefit by promising hand outs to those who keep voting them back in, it's a vicious cycle that has to come to an end.

  • GOD help us. These are the end times.

  • Quit paying taxes if Trump is not president in 2021

  • They are robbing us blind

  • Snucked in the covid relief bill is a provision that “Nullifies the President’s use of the Insurrection Act”. These people are evil. Please share this so that everyone knows.

  • Right Israel supports RIGHT President ONLYRED! Fight for TRUMP!

  • They arent helping foriegn countries, they dont care about us, why would they care about foriegn countries, its all lies so they can steal all of our money, they are lining their own pockets

  • Need a balanced budget amendment and a rule that bills can't be any longer than War and Peace.

  • Pelosi & her communist globalists have declared war on us! Biden gives us a fraud election, now Pelosi gives 1800.00 for illegals 600.00 for us, aid for countries that don"t like us 600.00 to us, money to things what don"t matter, that aren"t even open, 600.00 to us. The Governors close your Shops. If the nut houses where still open Pelosi & the commies would be shoe in"s! Is it time for us to stand up yet?

  • These are supposed to be the ones who got 80 million votes!!!???? What a load of bull. These communists give the American people less than a penny per dollar of the Stimulus money, and give foreign governments (non of whom are Christian) the vast majority of the money which comes from every American tax payer. Many of these foreign governments breed terrorist.
    They call conservatives racists for protecting their borders, yet give hundreds of millions to Jordan to supposedly build a wall to protect their borders.
    This Stimulus money is supposed to help the American people, yet they give the vast majority of it away to foreign governments for such stupid crap like over 40 million dollars to pakistan for sexual gender studies.
    This is so evil and unbelievable if it was a movie I'd walk out and say it's way too absurd to be believable.

  • The people are broken, and very few have jobs. The food pantries are empty, and we give our aid to countries whose major export is their enthusiastic over population.. The family eats beans for breakfast,, lunch and dinner, We all have plenty of gas but nobody has a job to go to. Perhaps we. Need a little stimulation.

  • Sebastian’s voice is world-class. That’s all. Oh, he’s brilliant too.

  • Foreign aid goes into Politicians Pockets!

  • "None of them…own…this, man." 😎

  • get rid of pelosi please

  • Kick back from pork, this is how they get rich wile in office


  • That's because there is no difference!

  • the dems have always hid their treasonous intentions in long paper work and chaos! they have done nothing but cost Americans trillions and progress!

  • Stone cold crazy pelosi it’s time for her departure as house speaker

  • I literally just finished eating 10 chicarone tacos for breakfast 😜🤫

  • McConnell shows his true unpatriotic nature. When Trump wins a second term i hope he goes after these rinos and they get sent to prison.


  • Because these countries are NOT getting this money. It is being sent out just to hit the foreign banks to be washed and sent back to America lining the pockets of the politicians and lobbyists. Wake up people!

  • why spent million dollars for assistance to other countries wherein there are so many homeless people in your own backyard…hypocrite democrats ….. for all we know the leaders or politicians of those mentioned countries are corrupt so dont waste the money i mean "blood and sweat " of hard working americans ….. wake up Americans!

  • Charity begins at home. Need to help USA first. There is extreme homelessness in SFO. Where is Pelosi, did not help her own state of California.

  • They all knew what the president wanted ,,God help us All Trump PENCE got my VOTE

  • This is just to fund the swamp's agenda.

  • They will do anything to see American people crumble, we are nothing to the evil scum, let’s remind them who we are

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