China's Threat to Hong Kong with Gordon Chang

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  • China will take Hong Kong as soon as biden harris is in, Australia soon after and won't even have to take America,they will buy it

  • We need to arrest all traitors to America!!!!!!! All maga terrorists need to be charged and imprisoned

  • The US crooks are trying to roll out the same thing. What they don’t realize is, all the videos of all high profile pedophiles will be sent to millions of people. All the way from Prince Andrew to Bill Clinton, they want to play games, let’s play!!!

  • (Must watch video) The Hegelian Dialectic- problem, reaction, solution.

  • And America will do nothing to help Hong Kong. Are so-called servants in Washington will do nothing because they are owned by China

  • This is Americas future under democrat socialists

  • …………………………………………..AM

  • I love to see you washed up actors spend your time wisely with your small maga phone… oops I mean mega phone.

  • Hello Patriots "Peace & Love to all."

  • China troops are reported on the USA borders in Canada and Mexico now. A report of an F16 flying surveillance along Canadian border was shot down last week killing the pilot by the Chinese. Report from Canadian citizen that Chinese troops are moving around streets like they own Canada carrying guns intimidating citizens. Is this the fate of the USA when Biden takes office because he is weak? Is this why Pelosi wants Trump gone early using the 25th Amendment because Pelosi friend China is getting anxious and wanting Trump gone so they can move in? Citizens of USA, you let this happen by letting someone like Biden run for office, not having term limits for corrupt House and Senate members. Now you will have to fight for survival. Welcome to the Hell of war, its ugly. Check out and verify.

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