Cawthorn on DC's cancel culture: They hate me

Newly-elected Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina comments on the ‘cancel culture’ and political discourse completely devoid of any freedom of thought and opinion he’s seeing in Washington, and where he can go from here in Congress. – via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • We cannot stand Alone without strength people power here us useless

  • Bask in the hate , LoL 😂 that means you're doing something good .

  • Media: Bans those who keep inciting and spreading the Big Lie
    Supreme Court: "Incitement and hate speech are not protected speech"
    Newsmax: "But, but, but why do they censure us?, waaaa, waaaa!"

  • JUDGEMENT 1-29-21

  • F all they stand for!!!! 70 to 80,000,000 Patriots coming for you!!!

  • You voted them in demand the electoral state's do the forensic audit to fix this mess

  • Moe is a trailer
    I think he was trained by CCP.

  • It's dangerous no it's suicidal. Real scarey where the dems are going.

  • Cawthorn is a true example of what all young people should be striving to be. Such a excellent young man, I wish him safety and prosperity.

  • Mr. Bidens pen love that!! America first!!

  • Good example of how there should be Term Limits. This young smart man has common sense that the Current Dems and some GOP members haven't seen for years. An 80 year old speaker, a 78 year old President? Absolutely ridiculous…Progressive dems/liberals destroy absolutely EVERYTHING..

  • The Lord God makes these things
    happen so people see the weight of evil and injustice and seek truth. Ultimately everything in this world will pass away because Satan is still free, but God will never pass away and His love endures forever. "seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you"

  • U doin something right if they dislike u

  • Smart young Patriot right there.

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