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The U.S. Treasury is ready to impose sanctions on Russian oligarchs

Joe Biden Vows ‘Strongest Sanctions In History’ On Russian Oligarchs

The Complete Destruction of the Russian Oligarch Class

Joe Biden Vows ‘Strongest Sanctions In History’ On Russian Oligarchs

NEW YORK ( — President Joe Biden threatened to block Russian banks’ access to the U.S. dollar if Russia takes aggressive military action against Ukraine, potentially cutting the country off from the international financial sector. But a large group of House Republicans is pushing now President Biden to ramp up the pressure on Putin directly by going after him and his entourage for their long and well-established corruption. The U.S. Treasury is ready to impose sanctions on Russian oligarchs, and the boys are at their wits’ end. Russian oligarchs are business oligarchs of the former Soviet republics who rapidly accumulated wealth during the era of Russian privatization in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the ordinary Russian people hate them. The new sanctions package has the ability to destroy the Russian oligarchs as a class. Night and the devil go together. Francis of Assisi lived as one of the poorest and lowest in society, and worked as a day labourer. This was hard, menial, low-paid work, yet he never passed a collection plate when he preached, nor asked the public for money. Globally, almost 400 million children were living in extreme poverty, and extreme poverty is expected to rise because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Russian elite class and its bastions of power and wealth are very far from ordinary people and oblivious to their vital needs. Ironically, however, a multitude of economic, social, and foreign-policy problems came together at a time when the Russian oligarchs era was drawing to a close. Moreover, we are heartbroken to announce that the party is over and real life begins, at least for the Russian oligarchs. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin explores the role of Russian oligarchs, societal attitudes, the role of the political opposition and civil society, the importance of the media, and the roles of Russia and the West. To protect and expand its power, the Russian leadership abdicated a considerable portion of it. The Siloviki run the state, but they have also gained considerable leverage over the visible ruler. This is not the macabre alliance of old communist; the new Siloviki are more sophisticated, less thuggish. But their power is no less great or menacing, even the United States, bears some responsibility for giving the Kremlin a free ride for so long. Once again, Washington misread the Kremlin’s permanent power struggle.

Operation Barbarossa 2.0 – The Complete Destruction of the Russian Oligarch Class

The New United States of America That Can Say No

Secret emperors, they have not yet overcome Putin’s power, but their ambition is strong, even the local joke being that there are no more oligarchs in Russia. Putin pitted the Russian oligarchs against one another even state power was fully consolidated now. An invitation to tea, asking the Russian oligarchs—as a class—to gather together in a place they all knew well—the Kremlin, as famous it was for various meetings of great political importance—it was a message that the oligarchs would receive loud and clear. It was never expected, then, that the oligarchs would be alone in the conjuring scene. The oligarchs asked Putin one by one what they would need to do not to get sanctioned. Many were worried – some desperate. Some asked if they should buy foreign citizenships, but the assurance turned into a trap. For a contractor with the devil to curse the intermediaries is common—not all requests can be granted. Putin made no mention of Ukraine, which was becoming the most pressing problem for Russia. In fact, the current situation gave him his best opportunity to separate loyal and moderate oligarchs from the mad extremists. For this reason he had his Kremlin propagandists stress that the sanctions were less the result of Ukraine-Russia crisis than of a specific intervention by the American devil, using only the most corrupt or malevolent elements of the NWO Cabal in the Washington Establishment. By far the most interesting aspect of Putin’s speech was that even the oligarchs themselves found it embarrassing in the extreme. Putin shouted at them that he wasn’t interested in their opinions. Even those of more skeptical oligarchs bent found something efficacious in blackness itself. Despite the frustration at how quickly their world had changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mood of the oligarchs was more pessimistic than ever. For this effort, the isolation of the NWO Cabal as the specific source of evil was very important for them, as the contract with the devil could be read two ways.

The U.S. Bears Some Responsibility For Giving The Kremlin A Free Ride For So Long

The Russian oligarchs are able to conceal their policymaking pro-cesses primarily because of an extraordinary concentration of power in the hands of about two hundred men, supported by the Kremlin. They are not controlled by any democratic institutions in the Western sense, and do not tolerate any opposition. The most famous irony is in the feigned yet real sorrow the oligarchs expressed. Russian oligarchs accumulated in their hands immeasurable power and wealth and for a long time these oligarchs have symbolized Russian power, but what nobody knows the Russian oligarchs are not a Russian creation. Only during the financial crisis of 2007–2008, when the oligarchs looked into the abyss and were saved by Russian banks, only then things started to change. The financial crisis of 2007–2008, or global financial crisis, was a severe worldwide economic crisis that occurred in the late 2000s. It was the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. Predatory lending targeting low-income homebuyers, excessive risk-taking by global financial institutions, and the bursting of the United States housing bubble culminated in a perfect storm. The financial crisis of 2007–2008 broke the neck of the Russian oligarchs. Since then they have been treated like slaves by the Russian state banks. Another essential element on which policymaking in Russia is based is complete secrecy. A familiar joke claims that Russian oligarchs went underground in the late 2000s and have never come out — even after the world economy recovered. There is a lot of truth in this old chestnut, even the plying of different trades in hell was a commonplace of comedy.

President Joe Biden’s Apocalyptic Vision Of The Russian Oligarchs

The enigma of the color revolutions is how the mighty could lose power through an election without bloodshed. The irony of the equivocation dispute is that the shock expressed on one side, and the ingenuity exercised on the other, came from the same cramped group of oligarchs, one we now find naive. In the same way, Putin and his counselors in the Kremlin promoted an official interpretation of the Donbass conflict. Their aim was to achieve a quick consensus in the interpretation of unsettling events, so that Russia would not be driven by random energies of doubt. President Joe Biden’s apocalyptic vision of the Russian Oligarchs—was watched with considerable alarm in Moscow, but ever since the time of Peter the Great, tsars have sought contacts with the West to obtain its trade and technology, while doing everything possible to insulate the Russian population from the possibly infectious cultural and political values of the West. Why were the oligarchs formed? Well, the Kremlin leaders understood that the Russian economy has become so complex that to command it from a single center is no longer practical or efficient. This is the official version which is not correct. The creation of the Russian oligarchs was a joint project of the NWO Cabal and treacherous elements of the Russian KGB. Why the almighty Russian KGB decided to sell out his fatherland to the NWO Cabal is a separate topic and would go beyond the scope of this bulletin. Let’s reveal so much, it has something to do with KGB´s long-term plans. The Russian oligarchs know that they have lost the game, now that the devil has reclaimed his proper position. But the fated end of Russian oligarchs contracting with the devil is to see that the contract was a trick.