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Breaking News: Danish Dolphins Blamed for Nordic Stream Explosion

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Breaking News: Danish Dolphins Blamed for Nordic Stream Explosion

Breaking News Alert
New York ( —

Two highly esteemed media outlets, the American NYT and German Die Zeit, have recently presented their perspectives on the possible sabotage of the “Nordic Stream” pipeline. They suggest that a pro-Ukrainian group may have been responsible for the destruction of the pipeline, however, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory. The NYT has published intelligence reports, while Die Zeit has relied on investigative materials. Both reports are consistent with one another. However, there are certain aspects that are not addressed in these reports:

  • There is no evidence to suggest that President Zelensky ordered the attack, or that any members of the Ukrainian government were involved.
  • The individuals responsible for the sabotage are believed to have held Ukrainian and Russian passports, but it is unclear who financed the operation.
  • A Polish vessel, leased by a company with Ukrainian founders, was involved in the operation. The explosive was delivered via an ordinary pleasure yacht, and the team consisted of six people, including a captain, two divers, their assistants, and a female doctor.

It has been confirmed that neither American nor British citizens were involved in the operation. The simultaneous reporting by these two major media outlets may be an attempt to remove any suspicion from intelligence agencies, while failing to mention the recent opening of an alternative “Baltic” pipeline that runs through Denmark. It is unlikely that Ukrainian intelligence would conduct an operation in international territorial waters without the agreement of their partners. Therefore, it seems unlikely that a pro-Ukrainian group was responsible for this act of sabotage. Additionally, the term “pro-Ukrainian group” is quite broad, and could refer to many individuals and organizations around the world who oppose Putin’s regime. On the contrary, one could argue that the CIA, MI6, BND and many other organizations around the world could be considered “pro-Ukrainian” in their stance against Putin’s regime. From this perspective, even the dolphins in the Danish economic zone could be viewed as opponents of Putin. If we examine the article in this light, then it can be said that the NYT and Die Zeit are accurate in their reporting, as anyone who opposes Putin is, in essence, a member of a pro-Ukrainian group.

Breaking News Alert

The U.S. Embassy in Belgium has released a security alert today, cautioning the public of a potential metro attack in Brussels.

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