Biden’s FCC Nominee 'Enemy of the Press'

Freedom of the press is one of the most sacred parts of America’s democracy. With Joe Biden’s latest nominee for the FCC, however, that freedom is under threat. OAN’s Pearson Sharp sits down with founder and owner of One America News, Robert Herring Sr. to discuss Biden’s nominee, Gigi Sohn, who’s proving to be an enemy of the First Amendment.

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  • When are you going to be on dish

  • Everyone of "BIDENS PICKS " are so far left that it's pretty obvious that Biden is not picking these people. The real people in charge who are controlling Biden are picking these communists. LET'S GO BRANDON!

  • jan 6th traitor's to their country and attacked our capital building , they are lucky all jan 6th committee want's is phone records and not sending them to Guantanamo to await appearing before a judge in their trial !

  • Thank God AON is back in YouTube look forward to seeing Pierson Sharp investigating reports. The best.

  • Ofcourse Brandon supports her she's a Socialist and Freedom and Democrats don't Mix! If your telling lies, that's a different story but the only thing they are afraid of is the Truth! Oh No! You said the Name that could get you thrown off again! GEORGE SOROS! Were all doomed now! Just kidding! Let's Go Brandon!

  • Thumbs down on Gigi bought and paid for by Soros …

    Let's go Brandon

    Hold The Line

  • Welcome back! 💪🇺🇸👍

  • Thanks for keeping us informed OAN.

  • Bravo to this dad for setting the record straight about his son. Biden should do the same about Hunter! 🤣🤣

  • Like Obama said, “If you want to f*#+ck something up, give it to Joe!”

  • thank you OAN for tellin the truth at great cost to your company.

  • You are back

  • You'll probably be put in jail for a hate crime for 20yrs. if you say what you're thinking and our leaders in Washington just keep getting us deeper and deeper.

  • First of all we [USA] don't have or live under a democracy…We 🇺🇸[USA] are a Constitutional Republic…if we can keep it…right now…its on the brink. We will keep it…one way or the other. If you are going to be a journalist…learn some American History.

  • so far biden picks are people that are incompetent, a reflection of the person that's making said picks.

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