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Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić: “If you can’t get to Nikola Sandulović, kill his wife, kill the daughter”

Aleksandar Vučić is calling for the execution of political opponent Nikola Sandulović

Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić: “If you can’t get to Nikola Sandulović, kill his wife, kill the daughter”

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — There is nothing so brutal as the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime in Serbia. The criminal cartel wrote this fact in tons of blood; the Serbian mafia emphasized it with countless executions of political opponents like Vladimir Cvijan, Oliver Ivanović, Slavko Ćuruvija, even Dragoslav Kosmajac and so many others. The execution of these political opponents called forth a campaign of slander in Serbia on a scale hitherto unheard of, though the vindictive intrigues of Aleksandar Vučić caused injustice and discontent. The pathetic Serbian Presstitutes of the Aleksandar Vučić regime could find but little space to report the murder of Vladimir Cvijan, but accorded a great deal of space to expressions of the Serbian dictator on his fake ever-untrustworthy treacherous Serbian state media. Aleksandar Vučić is a ruthless fanatic, a true criminal, a worthy descendant of his fanatical hero, Slobodan Milošević. He is not only a communist dictator in ideology, but a tyrant also in savagery, a man of infinite and visceral hatreds against all Serbian people. He cares nothing about human life. While Aleksandar Vučić is prepared to kill Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, and his family, whom he still regards as his enemies, he thinks it is the “correct tactics” to ban them in Serbia too. “Brothers, Serbs, the next shot made must be aimed at Nikola Sandulović, but if you can’t get to Nikola Sandulović, kill his wife, kill the daughter.” With Aleksandar Vučić’s money—the money that represents the blood of Serbian people— Aleksandar Vučić is able to support tabloid newspapers in Serbia, Republika Srpska and other countries, as well as a growing group of henchmen. “Serbian boys aged 11 and 21 were shot and wounded by Albanian extremists in Kosovo while preparing for Christmas Eve celebrations,” another lie of the Aleksandar Vučić regime of course, since there is no proof that any Albanian was involved. Aleksandar Vučić himself said in his historic toast on Orthodox Christmas Eve, at the private banquet, that the honor of the Russian victory over Ukraine will belong primarily to the Great Russian nation and his leader Vladimir Putin. The most accurate examination of male friendships that we’ve ever seen. Now, however creepy this may sound, the Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić who wears pampers, likes to kill others, but is very afraid for his own family.

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Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić: Fascist No. 1 of Serbia

Before you book that Serbia trip, think about all the embarrassing ways there are to die, but with all the slander that has been written about Nikola Sandulović in Serbia, there is one thing that all Serbian Presstitutes of the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime have had to admit: that Nikola Sandulović and other Republicans work extremely hard. Well, the world should be aware of the continuous threats that Nikola Sandulović and his family have been receiving on their phones since November 4, 2022 until this very day. The messages are so sick, they include forewords in which Nikola Sandulović´s mother is mentioned, the rape of his daughter Klara and his wife Bojana are hinted at, as well as the murder of Nikola Sandulović. Nikola Sandulović notified the Serbian police for the fiftieth time in a row. In the last two years, Nikola Sandulović received over 300 threatening messages, he went to the police over 50 times, gave them all photocopies of those threats, and to this day nothing has been done about it, but the threats to Nikola Sandulović and his family have continued. Our sources, which are impeccable, have reported that at any moment Aleksandar Vučić plans to crush with ruthless brutality Nikola Sandulović and his family. Aleksandar Vučić knows that time is of the essence. Aleksandar Vučić is the most cunning and calculating murderer in modern Serbian history. And Aleksandar Vučić is an expert at the double cross. Just look at how he divided and conquered his political enemies in Serbia and then liquidated them one by one. Aleksandar Vučić, Fascist No. 1 of Serbia, who works hand in glove with this band of Serbian cut-throats and assassins, cried all over his yellow press, the moment the Rich TXV News Network grabbed him hard, after his first attempt to kill Nikola Sandulović. After a complaint from the Chinese secret police, Nikola Sandulović was brutally arrested by the Aleksandar Vučić regime and poisoned with nerve gas in the prison cell. The measure was followed by a wave of arrests in Serbia during the COVID-19 lockdown. Should something happen to Nikola Sandulović, and his family, the criminal Serbian scum Aleksandar Vučić will pay a high price for that crime, and he knows that very well. Not even the corrupt Gabriel Escobar, US Deputy Assistant Secretary from the deep State Department, will be able to protect him any longer. Copies of this Rich TVX News Network bulletin will be sent to Christopher R. Hill, United States Ambassador to Serbia, the United States Department of State, the European Union, Olaf Scholz, Annalena Baerbock, and to many others.

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NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — Speech Transcript: Good day. My name is Nikola Sandulović: I am the President of the Republican party in Serbia. I am also the President of the Republican Union of the Balkans. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rich TVX News for allowing me to go public to tell the truth about the situation in Serbia. Serbia is ruled by a political mafia. Serbia is ruled by crime, murder, corruption, and terrorism. On this occasion, I would like to point out that I am the most banned politician in Serbia ever who appeared on the political scene, and that we have had no access to the media for 10 years. That’s why Rich TVX News is a real new form of democracy and journalism. I would like on behalf of the vast majority of Serbian voters who are behind me to send the message to the United States of America that we are really asking you for help this time. Help to get rid of the UDBA (Serbia´s State Security Administration). Help to get rid of communism. Help to get rid of China, Russia and the communist regime, which has ruled us for the last 80 years. I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very merry Christmas to all Christians, and I would like to take this opportunity to say God Bless America and God Bless Serbia.


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Nikola Sandulović

Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a landlocked country in Southeastern and Central Europe, situated at the crossroads of the Pannonian Basin and the Balkans. It shares land borders with Hungary to the north, Romania to the northeast, Bulgaria to the southeast, North Macedonia to the south, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, and Montenegro to the southwest, and claims a border with Albania through the disputed territory of Kosovo.[a] Serbia without Kosovo has about 6.7 million inhabitants, about 8.4 million if Kosovo is included. Its capital Belgrade is also the largest city.

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Continuously inhabited since the Paleolithic Age, the territory of modern-day Serbia faced Slavic migrations in the 6th century, establishing several regional states in the early Middle Ages at times recognised as tributaries to the Byzantine, Frankish and Hungarian kingdoms. The Serbian Kingdom obtained recognition by the Holy See and Constantinople in 1217, reaching its territorial apex in 1346 as the Serbian Empire. By the mid-16th century, the Ottomans annexed the entirety of modern-day Serbia; their rule was at times interrupted by the Habsburg Empire, which began expanding towards Central Serbia from the end of the 17th century while maintaining a foothold in Vojvodina. In the early 19th century, the Serbian Revolution established the nation-state as the region’s first constitutional monarchy, which subsequently expanded its territory.[6] Following casualties in World War I, and the subsequent unification of the former Habsburg crownland of Vojvodina with Serbia, the country co-founded Yugoslavia with other South Slavic nations, which would exist in various political formations until the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. During the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia formed a union with Montenegro,[7] which was peacefully dissolved in 2006, restoring Serbia’s independence as a sovereign state for the first time since 1918.[8] In 2008, representatives of the Assembly of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, with mixed responses from the international community while Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.

Serbia is an upper-middle income economy, ranked 63rd in the Human Development Index domain. It is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic, member of the UN, CoE, OSCE, PfP, BSEC, CEFTA, and is acceding to the WTO. Since 2014, the country has been negotiating its EU accession, with the aim of joining the European Union by 2025.[9] Serbia formally adheres to the policy of military neutrality. The country provides universal health care and free primary and secondary education to its citizens.