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OHR BiH High Representative Christian Schmidt & Milorad Dodik´s Election Theft in Republika Srpska

The German Joker of the political scene in Bosnia

OHR BiH High Representative Christian Schmidt & Milorad Dodik´s Election Theft in Republika Srpska

NEW YORK ( — We’ve got breaking news: Narcos Serbia spin-off series chronicling Republika Srpska’s journey into independence kicks off its fifth season on the Rich TVX News Network. Christian Schmidt, the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina is the source of public outrage. Naturally, Christian Schmidt didn’t mention that Jelena Trivić and Nebojša Vukanović were the real winners of Republika Srpska’s election, and that the Milorad Dodik regime stole the elections again, like so many times before. It’s nice to know that even the Catholic League now pays more attention to politics in Bosnia than most Germans do. Vatican exorcists say they will “spiritually cleanse” an ancient site Christian Schmidt, the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, plans to visit. Italian exorcists are a little prone to overreacting. If you have no idea who Christian Schmidt is, you are not alone. But we did hear that rubbing the insignia of Angela Merkel on your forehead will prevent the transmission of the criminal Milorad Dodik-herpes. Yep. Pretty much the only logical progression of the German state from Angela Merkel. From criminal Balkan dictators, the lowest form of scum on the earth to Christian Schmidt, they’re everywhere. Thanks to Jelena Trivić and Nebojša Vukanović for bringing the High Representative Christian Schmidt scandal to light. It is definitely something we noticed. Berlin should also take a look at the people around Christian Schmidt who control his communications. They will see the unfortunate and sick. They will see distress and misery. These people didn’t lift a finger to solve the David Dragičević case. That’s why their soul’s been cursed. Dedicated to the idea that Madeleine Albright created the criminal Milorad Dodik regime 25 years ago, Berlin celebrates all things non-democratic in the Balkans. Those wacky Germans! Haven’t they ever read the documents within the KGB Archive?

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Milorad Dodik: The Butcher of Banja Luka

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Everybody’s Spines Broken By The Milorad Dodik Regime

Milorad Dodik was recruited by Mirjana “Mira” Marković, a Serbian KGB Agent, academic and the wife of Yugoslav and Serbian president Slobodan Milošević. Okay, Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vučić we understand. But Milorad Dodik??? WTF. At least it’s reassuring that some Russian agents actually do use their brains. Milorad Dodik´s election theft in Republika Srpska is helping to push his dictatorship into the mainstream, even the High Representative Christian Schmidt is engaged in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell politics in Bosnia in which Balkan dictators can steal elections and do whatever they want, as long as Germany benefits from it. Is this a joke or some German government-conspired marketing ploy? Well, as long as Russian oil & gas, and some other products are smuggled to Germany via Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, Berlin remains silent about the situation in the Balkans. Oops! Probably should have gotten the permission of the U.S. government first! It’s not the first time Balkan dictators are involved in criminal dealings with Berlin, and surely won’t be the last. But reports indicate that only 0.0000000001% of all Germans really know what Christian Schmidt is doing in Bosnia. Christian Schmidt´s Bosnia politics always kind of sucked, but ever since seeing him on various specials on TV, it was evident that he has a genuine awesomeness so rarely found amongst German politicians who make terrible politics. Christian Schmidt is pretty much the German Joker of the political scene in Bosnia. It is no wonder that German adaptations in the signature Balkan dictators comic book style are growing in popularity amongst Germans. Forbidden love and conflicted evil protagonists – the classic German stories are so much easier to relate to when set in modern-day Balkans.

Christian Schmidt

A Fresh Breath of Wind in the Balkans

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Fallen Is Berlin

The Ministry for State Security, commonly known as the Stasi (German: [ˈʃtaːziː] (listen)),[n 1] was the state security service of the East Germany from 1950 to 1990.

The Stasi’s function was similar to the KGB, serving as a means of maintaining state authority, i.e., the “Shield and Sword of the Party” (Schild und Schwert der Partei). This was accomplished primarily through the use of a network of civilian informants. This organization contributed to the arrest of approximately 250,000 people in East Germany.[3] The Stasi also conducted espionage and other clandestine operations abroad through its subordinate foreign intelligence service, the Office of Enlightenment, or Head Office A (German: Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung). They also maintained contacts and occasionally cooperated with West German terrorists.[4]

The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. Erich Mielke was the Stasi’s longest-serving chief, in power for 32 of the 40 years of the GDR’s existence. The HVA (Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung), under Markus Wolf, gained a reputation as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of the Cold War.[5]

After German reunification, numerous officials were prosecuted for their crimes and the surveillance files that the Stasi had maintained on millions of East Germans were unclassified so that all citizens could inspect their personal file on request. The files were maintained by the Stasi Records Agency until June 2021, when they became part of the German Federal Archives.

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Christian Schmidt

Hans Сhristian Friedrich Schmidt[1] (born 26 August 1957) is a German politician of the centre-right Christian Social Union (CSU). He is the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, having assumed office on 1 August 2021.

Schmidt served as Minister of Food and Agriculture from 2014 until 2018. He was Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defence from 2005 to 2013 and Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development from December 2013 until February 2014.[2] He was member of the Bundestag for Fürth from 1990 to 2021.

High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, were created in 1995 immediately after the signing of the Dayton Agreement which ended the 1992–1995 Bosnian War. The purpose of the High Representative and the OHR is to oversee the civilian implementation of the Dayton agreement. They also serve to represent the countries involved in the implementation of the Dayton Agreement through the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), which chooses the High Representative.

So far, all of the High Representatives named have been from European Union countries, while their principal deputies have been from the United States. The Principal Deputy High Representative serves as International Supervisor for Brčko, representing the international community in the Brčko District.

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