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World Exclusive: EU Sanctions Against Vladimir Putin Himself

The great global fight against the NWO Cabal, which trapped the Kremlin leaders

World Exclusive: EU Sanctions Against Vladimir Putin Himself

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — If you believe the fake ever-untrustworthy, treacherous globalist mainstream media, you would think President Joe Biden had made our country less safe than we were before the Ukraine-Russia crisis  — in fact, it’s quite the opposite, as you already know. The Rich TVX News Network uncovers in this astounding new bulletin how our intelligence agencies have accomplished an amazing victory. The EU’s top officials said the bloc will impose more sanctions against those involved in Russia’s recognition of two separatist regions of eastern Ukraine. But here is an exclusive account based on the testimony of American intelligence officers we interviewed. After a couple of tense days, with supposedly hectic diplomatic efforts undertaken by Western governments on both sides, we possess exclusive information that the European Union plans sanctions against President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia himself — an extraordinary move. The EU is one of the largest economic entities on the planet, occupying a space greater than that of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, and it seems that the stars on the EU flag are beginning to shine again. To the special operatives, intelligence agents, and all others in harm’s way in the great global fight against the NWO Cabal, which trapped the Kremlin leaders in this new Cold War 2.0: May the world understand your sacrifice, even if it never learns your names.

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