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David Krneta – Hero of Republika Srpska

The hero who has the courage to stand up against the criminal regime

David Krneta: Hero of Republika Srpska

David Krneta, is one of the heroes of the Serbian Nation. He shows to the whole world, if a normal young kid can stand up and fight against the evil regime of Milorad Dodik, why not you? David Krneta had no inkling that he was about to launch or anything else that followed, as it was a simple teenage rebellion but ended up with brutal arrest of the 21 year old David Krneta by the brutal police of Milorad Dodik.  Another 15 year young girl was arrested too, as she committed one crime, by asking Who Killed David (Dragičević)? 

The brutal police officers kicked David Krneta in the testicles and with pistol on his head, and like in every good communist dictatorship the torture continued and the police station. All of this, because the young kid just wanted to stick his Pravda Za Davida sticker to the wall, with the result that he was chased afterwards by 10 policemen through the streets. As Republika Srpska recovers its voice, we examine the dynamics of bringing down the dictator and his regime.

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – During his years as ruler of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik isolated the country internationally. While he spent money on the country’s secret police, unemployment reached new heights.

The Dodik regime attempted repression through censorship, arrests, and violence, but despite such repression Pravda Za Davida support grew in Banja Luka. The police must be completely reformed after the fall of the criminal Dodik regime, and all guilty who were involved in the murder of David Dragičević sent to jail.

David Krneta calls everyone to the big Pravda Za Davida gathering tomorrow.

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