While Dominion Seems Poised To Sue Dozens In Right Wing Media, OANN Announces Whopping Three-Hour Fr

Despite Dominion Voting Systems reportedly being on the verge of suing a new crop of right-wing media outlets and figures, One America Network (OANN) has announced a new three-hour election fraud special featuring MyPillow inventor Mike .  Dominion reportedly sent letters to social media platforms asking them to preserve posts from a number of individuals and organizations including former President Donald Trump, , max, OANN and Sean Hannity for an apparent lawsuit, according to The New York Times columnist . Just hours after that report, for their special with , which promises to show how an “unprecedented level of voter fraud” was committed in the 2020 election.    No verifiable evidence has been presented by or others claiming there was widespread fraud involving Dominion or any other entity in the 2020 election. fraud claims were repeatedly rejected by the court system in the weeks following his loss to .   recently on max which resulted in walking off the set after repeatedly trying to get to stop talking about Dominion. was brought on to the show to discuss , but quickly pivoted to his claims that Dominion had rigged the 2020 election.  max was much of its coverage of fraud claims related to the 2020 election after a legal notice was sent by to the network. A max, OANN, the Trump campaign, attorney  and right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin for defamation in December.  Dominion has already filed and former Republican New York City Mayor , each for $1.3 billion. The company reportedly threatened with a lawsuit weeks ago, but that has not stopped the pillow entrepreneur from continuing to make his unsubstantiated fraud claims.


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