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One of the most-played Christmas songs of the 21st century

Unleash the Magic: Wham! – Last Christmas (Official Video)

A Timeless Yuletide Anthem Unveiled in the Official Video

Iconic Song

Wham!’s “Last Christmas” stands as an undisputed yuletide classic, a perennial favorite among our audience every December. Originally released in December 1984 on CBS Records internationally and as a double A-side on Epic Records with “Everything She Wants” in the UK, this iconic song, described as a pinnacle of mid-80s British synthpop songcraft, was meticulously written and produced by George Michael.

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Last Christmas

Melodic Brilliance

In a testament to its enduring popularity, “Last Christmas” has consistently ranked in various polls and countdowns, claiming the eighth spot on The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Song and earning the title of the most popular song of the 1980s in Channel 5’s Christmas countdown, Britain’s Favourite 80’s Songs. While it held the title of the most-played Christmas song of the 21st century in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was “Last Christmas” originally released, and on which record labels?

“Last Christmas” was originally released in December 1984. Internationally, it was released on CBS Records, and in the UK, it was a double A-side on Epic Records with “Everything She Wants.”

Who wrote and produced “Last Christmas”?

“Last Christmas” was meticulously written and produced by George Michael, contributing to its iconic status as a pinnacle of mid-80s British synthpop songcraft.

How did “Last Christmas” perform on the UK Singles Chart upon its initial release?

Despite spending five consecutive weeks at number two, “Last Christmas” narrowly missed the top spot during Christmas, edged out by Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in which George Michael also participated.

When did “Last Christmas” finally reach number one in the UK Singles Chart?

“Last Christmas” achieved its long-awaited ascent to number one in the UK Singles Chart on New Year’s Day 2021, more than 36 years after its debut.

What records did “Last Christmas” set regarding UK chart performance?

The song marked the fifth UK number one single for Wham!, surpassing Tony Christie’s record for the longest time taken by a single to top the UK Singles Chart after its initial release.

What notable international achievements did “Last Christmas” attain?

Beyond the UK, “Last Christmas” secured chart-topping positions in Denmark, Slovenia, and Sweden, and made significant strides in Australia, Germany, Ireland, and the United States. Wham! selflessly donated all royalties from the song to aid relief efforts for the Ethiopian famine.


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