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The high-stakes video conference that started at 06:00 P.M., Moscow time, on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, was arguably the most tense of Putin’s career

The Video Call For Which The President Had Held Out Such Hope Was A Bust

Biden-Putin video call draws world attention

The Video Call For Which The President Had Held Out Such Hope Was A Bust

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — Imagine driving a electric car on an uphill road. The slope is becoming steeper and your speed is decreasing, but with such powerful engine there seems to be no danger of losing traction, and yet sometimes you are not so sure. In a cold sweat you ask yourself whether the car will overturn. That was roughly how the Biden – Putin video conference went today. The Russian intelligence community, which is under the control of President Putin and his administration, because intelligence is directly subordinated to the President of Russia and only the President, has been remarkably successful at re-inventing itself and recovering its political influence, which also includes defence of the cultural and spiritual-moral inheritance, historical traditions and norms of social life, preservation of the cultural property, formation of state policy in the sphere of the spiritual and moral education of the population. Russian President Vladimir Putin has long remained one of the most enigmatic leaders; his motivation and decision-making process have puzzled seasoned Kremlin watchers, and even President Joe Biden. The FSB and others are politicized intelligence agencies which keep track of President Putin’s critics and opponents. At their video conference Putin had observed that President Biden was not only anxious, but deeply upset, even Biden still believes that Putin’s hard-line security apparatus at home was the source of his obstinate positions. President Biden was very gloomy at the video conference, he seemed upset and obviously the video conference did not go well as planned. The American people, would doubt the credibility of President Biden’s word if he suddenly turned around and accepted Moscow plans, amid Western fears that Moscow plans to attack its southern neighbour.

Dmitry Peskov Commented On The Rich TVX News Network Reports

Putin Wanted President Biden To Be Anxious

Russian espionage in the United States appears to be back to Cold War levels. The Biden-Putin video call was the result of high tensions over what U.S. intelligence has told could be a plan to invade Ukraine with as many as 175,000 troops. Putin believed that the NATO had been looking for a pretext to attack Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not currently contemplating inviting the US to discussions designed to negotiate peace in the war-torn Donbass region, the Kremlin has insisted. As already reported, the U.S. is weighing sanctions targeting Russia’s biggest banks and the country’s ability to convert Russian Rubles for dollars and other foreign currencies should Russia invade Ukraine, even the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the Rich TVX News Network reports. The sanctions – including against some of Russia’s largest banks and the Russian Direct Investment Fund – were among the options that President Joe Biden spelled out. Germany also hinted for the first time that an escalation of the Ukraine crisis may also affect the fate of Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that is to carry gas from Russia. Putin has more direct control of intelligence than any Russian leader before, he, however, was supremely confident in the video conference that the Russian economy, despite U.S. Sanction threats, will grow strong again. In particular, the video call for which President Biden had held out such hope—and for which the Russians had shown nothing but polite disdain—was a bust. President Biden´s hopes of a concrete improvement in Russo-Ukrainian relations had been dashed. Putin had seen the effect of his bluntness on President Biden and was pleased with his own performance. This was exactly the impression that Putin had intended to create – he wanted President Biden to be anxious. Biden administration considers even options for possibly evacuating US citizens from Ukraine if Russia invades.

Vladimir Putin Has Long Remained One Of The Most Enigmatic Leaders

Putin Had Increasingly Acted On The Assumption That Biden Was Not Fully In Control Of The U.S. Government

The high-stakes video conference that started at 06:00 P.M., Moscow time, on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, was arguably the most tense of Putin’s career. The online summit started with Joe Biden chuckling and saying he was regretful the two leaders didn’t meet at the most recent G20. “It has become known,” the Russian President began in opening the video conference attended by many members of his inner circle, “that Biden has prepared some kind of speech.” Putin kept his emotions in check before the coverage returned to being private. Well, that escalated quickly. Since the last United States elections Putin had increasingly acted on the assumption that Biden was not fully in control of the U.S. government. Despite the convictions of some of the top men in the Kremlin, they subsequently promised in public and through back channels that its military does not plan to invade Ukraine, but amid the growing uncertainty in Washington about the real Russian intentions, the notes of Biden-Putin video conference are fragmentary, but there are clues that the prospect of what Putin had in store for Biden was much more than a plan to invade Ukraine. At their video meeting Biden revealed more frustration. He was upset because “Putin still doesn’t quite understand the times in which we live. Putin doesn’t yet fully understand the realignment of forces, and he still lives by the KGB policies—especially as far as the Ukrainian question is concerned.” Minutes after the start time of the private video call, Putin railed against Biden: “And we have to be cut off from SWIFT —how aggressive! That’s all?” he asked. Biden replied, “To get the world used to the idea that it is serious.” At this point in the discussion another senior Kremlin member, intervened. The available minutes from the video conference clarify how Putin viewed the alternatives. After expressing his anxieties, he laid out a series of options in rapid sequence, censored for security reasons. “How would the United States react to this?” The Pentagon responded immediately. In a statement issued by the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin insisted that the US will, however, do all it can to prevent the situation in the Donbass spiraling into all-out confrontation. According to the White House, after President Biden’s video meeting with Putin, he will place calls directly to the members of the European Union.


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