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The Kubera Principle

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The Horde widely celebrates their perceived victory in Bakhmut, also known as Artemovsk, akin to the elation of capturing Berlin (though at a slower pace). In response, propagandist bloggers initiated a “Say thanks to the Wagners” flash mob. However, one must question, what exactly is this gratitude for? This so-called victory, if one can even apply that term, proves to be Pyrrhic. The assault on a small regional center lasted for a year, failing to encircle it. Monstrous losses were incurred, and the Ukrainians were pushed back to the western outskirts, where the fighting continues to this day. Merely posing for photographs with their flags against a backdrop signifies nothing. A protracted stalemate looms, with no visible signs of tactical, strategic, or operational success. Furthermore, the city lies in ruins, rendering the term “liberated” a complete euphemism. In contemporary warfare, maneuverability holds paramount importance, alongside missiles, drones, and electronic warfare. Maneuvering involves bypassing, encircling, and breaking through enemy lines. Yet, such concepts are absent here, replaced by mindless frontal assaults, futile human wave attacks, and indiscriminate barrages of fire—a reenactment of the First World War in its purest form. Even on the flanks, the situation remains unfavorable. Malyar now reports that the city finds itself in a semi-encirclement by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian control extends over the main heights along the perimeter. Let the Horde revel in their jubilation for now, but the ultimate outcome remains uncertain and demands close observation.

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a captivating tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a conceited emperor who is exposed in front of his subjects. Two swindlers take advantage of his obsession with extravagant clothing and offer him garments that are invisible to the unintelligent. The emperor falls for their deception and parades through the city naked, until a child reveals the truth. Despite the revelation, the emperor persists with his procession, displaying unwavering pride. The Kremlin, leveraging its questionable affiliations within the United Arab Emirates, took decisive action that resulted in the prohibition of Rich TVX News. This measure appears to be aimed at safeguarding the Russian community residing in the United Arab Emirates from potential disturbances. This development carries substantial significance. The fact that the Kremlin resorted to such dubious means to address Rich TVX News highlights our position as a formidable force that challenges the siloviki and oligarchs, instilling fear and apprehension within their ranks. It is genuinely satisfying to ascertain that our endeavors have struck a sensitive nerve among these criminal individuals. The apprehension demonstrated by the Putin regime towards Rich TVX News serves as an indicator of their imminent decline in influence. Now, the entire world can witness the pitiful nature of this regime.

Sarmat, Satan II, ray weapons, Zircon, Avangard—these are the purported advancements in “scientific progress” claimed by the Muscovite regime, primarily showcased through propaganda disseminated by the leader himself. However, an unexpected twist unfolds: the Kremlin’s patriarch himself falls victim to his own delusions, placing faith in these fictional creations as means to attack Ukraine. As reality clashes with his fantasies, scientists, one after another, now find themselves on trial. A single institute alone, focused on the development of Zircon, faces investigations involving sixteen scientists, ranging from esteemed academicians to ordinary research personnel. The latest edition of “Pontograf” addresses these alleged traitorous scientists, mirroring Stalinist methods, signaling an impending downfall for a significant portion of the Russian scientific community. Contrary to conventional armaments like tanks, aircraft, or hypersonic missiles, the Kremlin’s primary weapon lies in falsehoods. Prior to an extensive invasion, Muscovy had excelled in amassing a vast arsenal of deceit, surpassing all nations. However, this stockpile now steadily diminishes, and those deemed “culpable” must be held accountable, strictly and in accordance with the law. In these challenging times, they are obliged to seek absolution for their transgressions within their “family,” under the watchful gaze of Putin.

New York ( —

Last Friday, a person resembling Vladimir Putin, situated in the North Caucasus Federal District, conducted a video conference for the Council on Interethnic Relations and participated in several meetings. This marked the first significant outdoor event entrusted to Putin’s double, without Putin’s direct involvement. Reports from Putin and individuals familiar with the situation indicate that the double had come perilously close to failure due to his erratic behavior and statements, causing unease among the real Putin and his inner circle, who closely monitored the progress of this “business trip.” During the Council meeting, the double exhibited such a level of inconsistency that it became difficult to ascertain which persona he was impersonating: Putin or Dmitry Medvedev. Observing the video feed, Putin expressed displeasure multiple times, labeling the double as a “clown” and an “idiot.”

Following the Council meeting, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction to the double, providing recommendations on adhering to predefined boundaries. The double acknowledged the criticism and subsequently engaged in discreet face-to-face meetings, aligning more closely with Putin’s desired image. Putin himself expressed concerns that the double lacked the ability to participate in large-scale events involving numerous unfamiliar individuals without arousing suspicion. Members of Putin’s inner circle, with whom he shared his doubts, concurred with his arguments. On Saturday, May 20, in the morning, representatives of the military bloc leadership reported the “complete” seizure of Artemovsk (Bakhmut). Prior to this report, Putin received an urgent message from Yevgeny Prigozhin, conveying a similar message. The military leadership acknowledged the contribution of the Wagner private military company (PMC) in accomplishing the task but emphasized their own role in directing, coordinating, supplying, and leading the operation to “liberate” Artemovsk. Putin did not contest their claims and sparingly congratulated them on the belated outcome, urging them to remain vigilant and prepare for future offensives to “liberate” additional territories.

Yevgeny Prigozhin attempted personal contact with Putin to deliver the positive news but was rebuffed, with Putin briefly expressing gratitude for his actions. Putin has yet to make a final decision regarding the fate of PMC Wagner and Yevgeny Prigozhin himself, although individuals in close proximity to Putin strongly recommend prompt action. Prigozhin, the “victor,” has become a primary concern and a genuine problem for Putin’s inner circle, as they perceive him as uncontrollable and a threat to the system’s existence.



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