Trump SAD Nobody Talks About How Jan 6 Was His ‘Biggest Crowd’

Trump joins One American News Network to explain how January 6th was his biggest crowd and how no one wants to say the number. The Majority Report crew discuss what the ‘sacred’ number might be, and how many people entered the Capitol according to the number.

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  • are we back to 2017 again? i wouldnt mind going back tbh, corona has been brutal for me personally 🙁

  • I'm less sympathetic to humanity after witnessing these last 10 years.

  • There's no doubt that the Democrats are losing their minds trying to figure out how to change in the narrative that Joe Biden is a monumental failure, a racist, a pathological liar, and a complete moron.

  • So he told them to go to the Capitol, but only 1% took action? Pretty embarrassing response rate for Il Duce.

  • It's so hard to watch this interview. Such a sad, mentally ill man.

  • He doesn't say the number because it would put the size in unambiguous terms instead of whatever his whimsical notions of "the biggest" is in whatever conversation he happens to be blabbering in at the time. Obama is still #1 at 1.8 million during his 2009 inauguration, this mob was 2,500 attackers and 10,000 on the grounds that day, so Trump's biggest crowd managed to achieve 1/180th (or 0.56%) Obama's, congratulations, Trump.

  • The sacred number is in reference to "The Million Man March".

    Maybe nobody talks about that crowd because that massive crowd followed his instructions to head down to the capitol and fight? Maybe we could talk about how Republicans calling this a "peaceful right wing protest" have had over 700 attendees (insurrectionists) arrested?

  • “Everything was going beautifully” LIE!

  • We don’t elect public officials via crowd size. I think Trump and his cult failed civics.

  • But I thought all the Jan 6 terrorists were ANTIFA?! Has anyone told the FoxNews hosts that these terrorists were Trump supporters? Tucker would be shocked. 😂🤣

  • Biggest Crowd – LOL – Another lie – Simple

  • Jesus Christ what sad sack

  • I love the interviewer's insights during the interview… "right." "yeah." "right." "yeah." "right." "yeah." Truly enlightening!

  • It was like the Woodstock of my Presidency. No drugs! Fact.

  • Trump doesn't have the support all of these right wing hacks want us to think he does….

  • Wow big crowd! Very cool loser president!

  • So many ANTIFA, too many, but so many,
    so many people…

  • Trump is such a weirdo.

  • The look on that Reporters face says Shut the F up already. 😂

  • this man was POTUS, a lot of smart Americans voted for this weak and pathetic man, iyiyiy.

  • When %1 of 1,000,000 is still 10,000 people storming the capitol

  • Too bad it was all antifa and fbi members parading as trumpers

  • That was a good laugh.
    Some one ask that lady that knows the secret number. The fact they don't speak honestly they just follow like kittens off a tit of money with agreeing responses. $

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