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Republican AGs Demand DirecTV Put Conservative Propaganda Back On The Air

Republicans are apparently unhappy that a private company made a business decision, and six Republican state Attorneys General are demanding that DirecTV put the One America News channel back on the air. The satellite provider chose to not renew the network’s license earlier this year after a string of scandals, which is well within their legal rights. The Republican AGs are trying to bully the network into doing their bidding, and Farron Cousins explains why that should be investigated.

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Republican attorneys general from several different states are still angry about the fact that two months ago, direct TV decided we’re not going to renew the one America news network’s license, which of course, as we know means you’re no longer on direct TV, but Republicans they’re still mad about it, right? We want our right wing propaganda. They tell us we can’t function without it. We don’t know what to say. We have to get our daily marching orders from all of these various propaganda outlets. You know, they still have Newsmax and Fox news and Fox business, but apparently that’s not good enough. And CNBC we’ll throw that in there too. They want one America back on. So of course led by indicted, Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, several other states have joined, uh, states that include the Republican AGS of Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and South Carolina. And they have demanded direct TV renew its carriage agreement with own and insist the decision to kick the conspiracy channel to the curb is clearly viewpoint discrimination and an attempt to silence conservative voices. This, this is what Ken Paxton says in his letter, my fellow attorneys general, and I strongly recommend that you reconsider your present course and renew your contract with in April, your failure to do so will not only cause you to lose millions of dollars in business, but also drive many millions of Americans to simply cancel your services outright. As president Trump and other leading figures have already called for


Terrifying all these conservatives, who weren’t watching America to begin with you idiots, that was actually the big driving factor, right? As everybody remembers at and T which, you know, owns DirecTV got in trouble because they had paid millions of dollars to get own one America news up and running, right? Essentially they’re the ones who made it into a thing. And once that was field, the public backlash came so much that direct TV was like, all right, look, very few people are even watching the network. Anyway, we have the ratings data. Let’s get rid of it. And in this controversy, that’s what happens. So sure you can call that political pressure if you want. However, nobody forced them to do it. They made a decision as a private business to do it, which they have the legal right to do end of story.

But it wasn’t just because of the public backlash. As I said, it was because nobody was watching it on direct TV. Now, last time I checked direct TV has about 14 million subscribers, uh, for the record, about nine years ago, they had about 40 million. So they’re already hemorrhaging users over a direct TV. More and more people are going, you know, cutting the cord. They’re going wireless. I, I did a couple years ago. It was great. Direct TV bills are absolutely astronomical and ridiculous for what you get. I’m paying less than half that and get even more channels. Now through streaming services, it’s wonderful saving a ton of money and you have more choices. Nobody cares about direct TV. Hell the only reason they probably still have those 14 million is cuz they still have that exclusive contract to run in NFL Sunday ticket. And once that expires at the end of this next football season, you get, see millions, more people drop it.

I’ve spent way too much time by the way, over the last couple years researching direct TV and all of this. Um, so yeah, I, I, I know a lot about what is happening at the network because I’ve been paying very close attention to them. They suck and they’re losing people, but they’re not losing anybody because they dropped one America. Sorry, that’s just not a thing. And these Republican attorney generals can get all pissy if they want, but you’re lying to everybody. When you say, excuse me, that they’re attempting to silence, conservative voices, Newsmax Fox news, Fox business, CNBC. There are plenty of conservative outlets on that network. Far more than there are quote liberal outlets, the liberal outlets, I guess you could include MSNBC, which is more of a corporate liberal liberal. And then of course you have free beach TV, which is a