The Joe Cozzo Show – The 'Smoking Gun' At The Wuhan Lab 6/9/21

A ‘smoking gun’ from the Wuhan Lab leads directly to China’s People’s Liberation Army. Also, Obama continues dividing the country while Kamala Harris embarrasses it.

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  • "The Bat Lady of Wuhan".. LOLLLLLL I love this guy… ahaaaaaaa

  • Thank you. ❤

  • It was a plandemic. Scamdemic. Many of us saw the video in November 2019, of the whole scenario played out back in October 2019.

  • God Bless President Trump and his Administration 🙏
    "Smoking Gun" that's a good song by Mr. Robert Cray.
    I saw him live opening up for Steve Winwood in the early 1990's.
    Good stuff!
    Have a blessed day. 🙏
    Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

    NO , AMERICA!!!

  • No that’s not all that matters if Obama hated America he wouldn’t live here come on man trump ain’t getting elected again plus he’ll be older and 4 yrs wing president takes its tole look at dementia Biden and Laugh obsessed Harris are not in charge for sure but idk whomever is

  • Im glad my kids are adults…otherwise they would be growing up WITHOUT a TEL LIE VISION.

  • What if the Deep State, via the CIA or similar, released WuFlu to blame China, as cover for the FED printing money to break the economy and bring us into their planned NWO

  • All patriots please buy AMC stock and hold for 3 weeks cuz it could go up from $40s-$2000. These hedges Biden donors are about to get squeeze. Just like election data was manipulated this stock data doesn’t make any sense and all left right retailers are waking up

  • Laughing pants Kamala, how pathetic. She needs prayer…

  • Obama won because America is sexists too 🤣🤣That's America where you're allowed too BE YOURSELF!!!🇺🇲🎗🇺🇲🦅🐎🦉

  • Cv was going around November 2019 in Texas . I got it minor in February 2020. But my doctor labeled it flu because no test available then. I think I got it minor because I did drink kefir at the time.

  • Masks came off today at my grocery store for workers.

  • f" obama nothing more that a big bastard s of b , musulcrap ! .

  • Joe, check out Tatiana Ibrahim on News Max and on Front Page, defending her child against the woke school board. It has gone viral. Love your show Bro.

  • piece of garbage biden with all the money he and crook hunter received from ccp the only thing the crooks are going to do against china is nothing ! puppets of china ! .

  • Excellent show brother Joey!!! Obama is a communist, a racist and one of the biggest pieces of shit on the face of the Earth on par with Biden. And l keep pointing out the fact as you did, Obama got elected two times by whites…

  • Happy birthday /your birthday is the same as mine LOL!!!

  • Fauci is a fraud. Watch Rudy Giuliani ..biden wont be around much longer. Pelosi also. Trump will be back , biden an I believe Pelosi will pass away soon .harris will not replace biden


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