Trump 'MUTE' waited for an opportunity – Biden urged plans to consolidate status

#Foxnews​​​ #Newsmax​​​ #OAN​
Trump ‘MUTE’ waited for an opportunity – Biden urged plans to consolidate status


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • They’re all crooked criminals gangsters thieves………

  • People should be able to see themselves that theirs money will going……

  • The Democrats Infrastructure Bill should be called The Highway Robbery Bill.

  • I still have some freedom left that is freedom of choice,i will not take the vaccine

  • just like it isn't stealing if you take something from a business during a riot isn't really stealing.

  • What I heard from Pelosi, then was, 'No new stuff..just sticking cheap as they are.
    The rest..well, some to illegals, to show we have a heart..its not exactly beating, but it's there..I have an X-ray to prove it. Anyway..the rest goes to fantasy projects. Like..I need a lawn..and a higher wall too keep the homeless out..and guards armed with anty-tank-missiles..It's not a gun !
    I also need five low paid immigrants to look after my garden..the others buggered off as soon as I got them a green card..I knew it was a mistake ? Oh, she went off script.

  • As expected, "COVID relief" is followed by tax hike. After an expensive bill, tax hike follows as a matter of course!! Dems suck!!

  • I'm embracing this 'calm before the storm'!! hehe… Trump will regain his 2nd Presidency next time!! Last year Biden stole it!!

  • The infrastructure bill is a joke. Obama, when he was president, gave a grant of over a million tax payers dollars to a prestigious know the one's politicians send their kids even if they don't qualify..anyway..Obama gave them a lot of booty to study..Where on the body it hurts most when a bee stings you. My the bloody wallet. That was their idea of infrastructure. Now Obama was a intelligent, lucid and articulate president.
    Now Biden on the other hand cant be called lucid..articulate, nor intelligent, now is he ? His mind is like a maze..that he often gets lost in ??

  • Well done Japan.. You sneaked that on in.😉

  • Dr sis ha may be the vaccine is wonderful as gold, but everyone must choose to do it or not and your propaganda is shame…

  • I'm too lazy to translate your name from Cyrillic to English. What does it say?

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