Trump :” Hope everyone remembers me when getting COVID shot”

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Trump :” Hope everyone remembers me when getting COVID shot”


  • Corruption in the Justice in. The fiasa courts the. F. B. I. Give me a break I heard. Daag. Swartz talking about. Justice today with all that s. Happend with President the Coup the fake Muller investagation. Good luck with. Trying to fool Americans…..

  • Good luck getting the supreme court to look at anything . They wouldn't even see a case dealing with national election integrity. Complete embarrassment. Now we have an illegitimate bunch of clowns in office, about to cause the next revolutionary war.

  • Sorry, he's not our president

  • Where's his mask? I thought he said everyone had to wear one.

  • Cruz and Hawley both asked the AG candidate multiple times and they pointed out "so you refuse to answer" each time.

  • I wonder if he'll even remember where he is or what he's talking about. 🤔 Probably not!

  • That's not going to age well when the awake people start noticing the medical repercussions of the synthetic pathogen falsely called a vaccine.

  • Narcissistic twat

  • Unfortunately, I dont support the covid shot at all. I wish Trump was remembered for stressing that the shot should NOT be mandatory.

  • Mr Trump is right!!

  • Event 201 preplanned mass genocide.

  • Trump, Americans who don’t worship you as a god will never forget how much ruin you brought to America! A divider, a liar, a hateful Narcissist. You brought down the United States economy, and when you walked away, there was nothing left but ruin! Those insane nutcases who still follow you are the future walking Zombies. America is glad the Snake is gone. Biden inherited nothing but problems Trump let happen! So for those of you who think Trump was great, you are lost! LOST!

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