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What Milorad Dodik failed to recognize, though, was the Rich TVX News Network.

This Is For You David – U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Milorad Dodik

We are your judge and jury, just as you were David's judge.

This Is For You David – U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Milorad Dodik

NEW YORK ( — Drawing on Rich TVX News Network sources, with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, the U.S. Department of State, and as the evidence of Bosnian Serb tyrant Milorad Dodik’s duplicity and evil policies built up, this Rich TVX News bulletin will show you that Dodik is an egocentric psychopath who has the people in Republika Srpska in his complete control. He is the criminal dictator who has the advantage of using the Kremlin in a masterful way to dominate an entire populace. An indication that this time Dodik might have overplayed his hand, thereby enticing the Biden-⁠Harris Administration into action against him, was afforded today, as the United States imposed fresh sanctions on Milorad Dodik, a television station under his control and two other officials for “significant corruption and destabilizing activities”, at the same time the U.S. federal government agencies warned of further action against those linked to destabilization or corruption. Given his atrocious record, asset freezes and visa bans after Milorad Dodik’s threat to withdraw Serbs from Bosnian national army and other state-level institutions, his unprecedented public admission of fresh sanctions was completely out of line with the image of the infallible dictator he had so carefully nurtured during his dictatorship. Nothing was ever straightforward with this adept political actor, as Dodik had never publicly expressed self-doubt before, and his inadvertent slip of the tongue revealed how disconcerted he really was. Indeed, the Butcher of Banja Luka Milorad Dodik looked exhausted and distressed. He sat quietly, nervously clasping his hands and listening anxiously. There was nothing in this scene reminiscent of the confident dictator, as the U.S. Treasury Department accused Milorad Dodik, already subject to U.S. sanctions under a different authority, of corruption and threatening the stability and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We all know how powerful is the need to see justice done.

One Of The World´s Most Brutal & Notorious Dictators

Pressures on Biden-⁠Harris Administration to respond to the Pravda Za Davida movement tragedy were stepped up significantly by the Rich TVX News Network as people throughout the world were shocked by the images of the systemic police brutality of the criminal Milorad Dodik regime. The sanctions, involving asset freezes and visa bans, follow Dodik’s attacks against the Pravda Za Davida movement, his threat to withdraw Serbs from the Bosnian national army and other state-level institutions, potentially destroying the 1995 Dayton peace treaty and opening the way for a return to conflict. Dodik apparently sought to project himself as the aggrieved party, so as to remove any doubts about the authenticity of the “plot.” After all, he had done nothing wrong. Wrong had been done to him. Milorad Dodik shrugged off the sanctions telling a Serb media outlet: “If they think that they will discipline me like this, they are grossly mistaken.” Well, Milorad Dodik created a lot of myths around his early life in order to show that he was always destined for greatness. In fact, there was nothing very extraordinary about his background. Dodik was born on 12 March 1959 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, He lived in Laktaši, a town and municipality located in Republika Srpska. There, he played on the town’s basketball team in Yugoslavia’s amateur league. In 1978 he graduated from an agricultural high school in Banja Luka, after which he entered the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, where he graduated in 1983.

U.S. Relations With Serbia – Statement by Nikola Sandulović

What Milorad Dodik Failed To Recognize

In March 2018, David Dragičević, a 21-year-old Bosnian student, died under mysterious circumstances in Banja Luka. Thus was born the protest movement “Pravda Za Davida”, Justice for David. It demanded answers and was met with silence from the police and the criminal regime of Milorad Dodik. The movement has become a symbol of the struggle against an omnipotent police covered by an authoritarian and corrupt system, embodied by Milorad Dodik. One of the mysteries of the Terror was Dodik’s obsession with forcing his victims to sign elaborate confessions of unlikely crimes. This combination of prowess and fear, which would drive Dodik to the extreme moves of police aggression against Pravda Za Davida, manifested itself in the most brutal, far-reaching actions in his entire career. The dictator’s police apparatus beat old women, mothers and their babies in the streets of Banja Luka. It was only with the police brutality against the Pravda za Davida movement that Milorad Dodik emerged as the absolute dictator, but Dodik’s merciless campaign against Pravda Za Davida was ostensibly predicated on the not-too-mistaken belief that the American indifference toward the unhappy fate of the movement was indicative of a deeply rooted fear of being sucked into a new Balkan Wars-type quagmire. What Milorad Dodik failed to recognize, though, was the Rich TVX News Network. Now he is an international outcast and the U.S. administration could no longer turn a blind eye to his atrocious methods, as it had done previously. The infuriated Joe Biden responded to these alarming Rich TVX News reports by summoning his crisis-management. When pressed by officials on this issue he stated his preference for diplomatic and political means to remove the Serb dictator but did not rule out the use of military force to this end, should “this brutal bully” continue his evasive games in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

“The United States is a big liar. This is direct interference in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska,” said tyrant Milorad Dodik, a member of Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency. Well, with this much turmoil it seems to us that Milorad Dodik cannot survive. Serbs are fed up with him. They see him for the brutal dictator he is. Having lost the confidence that had surrounded him, Milorad Dodik is reduced in Western perception to a pathetic figure, a typical brutal dictator struggling for his personal and political survival. But that was only the first part of this disaster: the economic collapse of Republika Srpska has revealed the damage that Dodik had done and his ineptitude as president. Paradoxically, Milorad Dodik’s strategy in his struggle for political survival seems to betray his own self-interest.“With his corrupt proceeds, Dodik has engaged in bribery and additional corrupt activities to further his personal interests at the expense of citizens in the Republika Srpska,” the U.S. Treasury Department said. But at the pragmatic level, the sanctions will enable Milorad Dodik to achieve several simultaneous objectives. By fueling the xenophobic sentiments of his subjects against the “evil forces of U.S. imperialism,” he hopes to manage to rally the Serbs behind his leadership, but the Emperor has no clothes. In any other country, this would have brought about a change of government but no such change was available in Republika Srpska. Dodik sent a resounding warning both to United States and to nationalist segments within Serb society, that he would not tolerate such acts. Milorad Dodik has already been sanctioned before, for obstruction of the Dayton accord. The new measures are wider, criminalizing financial donations to him, and targeting a television station based in Banja Luka, which operates as Milorad Dodik’s personal propaganda outlet. Like many tyrants before him, Dodik has gradually maneuvered himself into domestic, regional, and global positions that require raising the stakes incessantly in order to survive like his kiss-ass partner Aleksandar Vučić.