Maria Zack: Italian company helped create election irregularities | Real America News

Full Maria Zack interview – AmericaCanWeTalk

Credit: Access_Reality_Truth



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  • Get this loaded on Rumble and Bitchute

  • where does the trail end, you will never find out, some know.

  • Republicans knew the PA politicians changed to rules a long time ago, they knew about Dominion machines a long time ago, they knew about the fraud in Georgia's a long time ago, yet they waited until the last minute to complain. Yes I realize for some action they had to wait until after the election. But if it was so obvious the election would be stolen then why weren't the DEMS set up to get caught red handed? This could have been derailed if someone acted. Bill Barr is a swamp creature like no other. All these people are criminals and now they are in charge. Heaven help us.

  • Were votes flipped to take votes from Clinton to Trump? Can we be certain he should've been elected? I'll get my news from NPR. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • This was recorded on January the 6th…. what happened?

  • I've been telling everyone this from the beginning. What happened in Overseas, is the Dominion servers were monitoring the election progress back in the USA. Then, the Algorithms would calculate and produce additional vote data for Joe Biden to offset the difference. The server would then transmit vote information to ballot printing machines back in the USA to be printed "off-site" at various secret locations. Hundreds of thousands of fake Ballots (probably made in China) were then loaded onto trucks, and hauled into Pennsylvania under the guise of being out of state absentee votes for counting. This is what the Trucker in Pennsylvania testified to. He was hauling the off-site fake Chinese ballots into Pennsylvania to be counted. This went on all over the USA in multiple locations. An immediate indication of this, was the mountains of fast printed ballots that were not folded. The counterfeiters were in such a rush, they didn't have time to fold them all.

  • It didn’t do a bit of good. Republicans will never be elected again

  • The Christmas s gift: Awesome!!!!

  • Download this video by any means necessary! DO THAT NOW! it is systematically being scrubbed from all online sources as we speak. I literally grabbed it from facebook and only minutes later it was blocked with a tag it was checked by independent fact checkers and failed. THIS IS THE GESTAPO. DOWNLOAD NOW OR THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

  • Shut up. Do something or shut up 🤐

  • Is this real … if so is anyone going to do anything…….

  • Real America TV covers all Trump events live.

  • Add to new tube they won't delete it there

  • Can you upload to bitchute and Oddysee.

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