The Joe Cozzo Show – Patriotic Democrats: A Dying Breed In America 6/22/21

Democrats never show their love for America. They hate the flag, can’t stand American history by implementing CRT, and destroy beautiful American cities.

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  • Anyone that speaks against America need to be removed from this country.

  • If they can't pledge aligence to the flag and this country. Then move on,why be here

  • Criminals are arrested…period…color is not why they are arrested

  • That guy needs thrown out! How dare these ignorant communist pushers be telling us what we can or can not do. God Bless America and to all the veterans that DIED to insure our FREEDOM!!!!!!

  • Democratic Party is OBSOLETE.

  • He overdosed on the drugs he chose to do. Medical examination proved he was dieing from drugs in his system.

  • Hue can tell those of a blackhole sun by what is Taken

  • If you don’t like our 🇺🇸flag or to pledge the allegiance of the United States of America leave move disappear… this is the best country 🌎 in the world 💫✨❤️🇺🇸

  • They are such dark people the media, they are bringing their own destruction and it amazes me that teachers have no morals or values, even God loving and are teaching them this, what will the Lord say to them, what did you do for my little ones? Depart from me I never knew you, how sad is that.

  • No! Democrats are super corrupt evil thieves.

  • I saw the traitor Furhman! What a low life traitor! The citizens should have turned the tables over, smashed his computer, and throw him and his supporters out of the building!

  • I saw that traitor Furhman! They should have turned to tables over, smashed his computer, and thrown him out of the building!

  • Sounds like some of the stuff they teach in common core.

  • This video deserves a double thumbs up..totally shows who the democrats truly are.

  • Patriotic Democrats a Dying Breed ! , Very true you even hear of some dem idiots saying they want to change the USA flag ! no chance in hell , only God can do that and no one else from this earth ! .

  • That voice😖

  • The Colorado Mayor should be investigated and recalled. Really scary he doesn’t want to pledge. He publicly identified himself as a “domestic enemy “.

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