The Joe Cozzo Show – Democrats Dividing vs. Cubans Uniting 7/12/21

Cubans are protesting in the streets wrapped around American Flags demanding their freedom. Yet, Democrats continuously insist that America is a racist country. It’s time we start blaming Barack Obama for the country’s divide.

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  • The Cubans are chanting "TATER JOE NEEDS TO GO "!!!

  • I didn't fall for Obama's PROPAGANDA

  • OB is such a hypocrite with beautiful talks and did totally opposite. I don’t know what blood in his vain.

  • Send those craps to 🇨🇺

  • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 NIV

  • They are shouting out USA! USA! USA! Man these people are putting left wing Dems to shame who will not fly the flag on the 4th! Go CUBA GO! I pray God grants them liberty! God is shaking the whole earth! I pray God brings to light what happened on Nov. 3, 2020.

  • I am sincerely hoping that the peaceful protest-soon-to-be-revolt in Cuba will go viral worse than COVID-19 here in the USA and lead to a massive forceful coup against this fraudulent administration. So may it be!!!

  • BLM and ANTIFA need to be officially called " Domestic Terrorists", and anyone who supports them are committing crime! THE CUBAN UPRISING AGSINST SOCIALISM DESTROYS, DESTROYS THE LEFT'S NARRATE!!!

  • DEMOCRAT PARTY IS DIGUSTING!!! If people don't like it here GET OUT OF OUR GREAT USA AND GO WHERE YOU PREFER- NOW! Burning the flag should be a CRIME- IT IS… WE WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY KNOW IT IS, MORALLY! And should be a crime LEGALLY as well. Don't live here if don't like being an American! The FLAG IS, FOR CITIZENS, A HOLY, A HOLY SYMBOL OF OUR CULTURE! A country who does not defend their country will FALL-" a house divided cannot stand".!

  • Yes indeed! Look at the huge crowds of CUBAN-AMERICANS protesting Socialism and supporting the Cubans fighting for their freedom!- These Cuban-Americans in Florida seem to be much braver than other Americans?!- They and the rest of Americans need to UNITE together against Socialism – with BRAVERY- or else, we're DONE! MAGA! 🇺🇸 USA ALL THE WAY!!!


  • Let say the Left get their way, how are they wept away the past. One can not run away from oneself.

  • I think it should not only be against the law to burn the flag, but if you are convicted of burning an American flag, your punishment is 2 years military service! That will teach them, especially in the wars that Quid pro Joe is setting up!

  • Great Show Joe 🇱🇷❤🙏

  • Aug. 3……

  • The truth will prevail! What the devil meant for evil God will turn it out for good!

  • Libretad means FREEDOM!

  • You missed that you missed it you are doing that all wrong those people had been involved in a riot protesting you don’t know what you’re talking about man I watched it wouldn’t of happened

  • It was staged planned and choreographed and I’ll be willing to bet Joe Biden and the Democrats had something to do with it but they paid them did your uprising should like it invade America

  • CBS, etc, are trying to say Cuban protests are merely about food shortages and Covid.

    Food storages have existed in Cuba since 1960. I remember eating frog legs with my dad, because there was no chicken. Money stopped existing. Everything one ate or used was a rationed "gift" from the regime. Cubans have experienced hunger as a fact of daily life since then.

    I also have been assured by American leftists and their mainstream media mouthpieces that Cuba has a public health system to be envied, so what's this crap about Covid?

    Dissidents against tyranny from Cuba to Hong Kong fly the American flag, and even sing the American national anthem as a protest song, because they recognize it is a symbol of freedom. In both places they even sing the American national anthem as a protest song! Meanwhile, Americans who despise the American flag are peculiarly silent when it comes to dictatorial oppression of those dissenters. Strange.

  • This is our Obama he thinks he’s going to rule the world and turn everything to black white lives matter and we got to stand up

  • Why do we let Foreigners come to our country burn our flag and destroys our country if people don’t like America get the hell out of it

  • DemonRats 🐀🐀 = Divison, Fraud!

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