Pelosi Congress Says Capitol Jan 6 Videos Are NOT Public Records!

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on One America News with John Hines to discuss the latest findings Judicial Watch uncovered about January 6. WATCH NOW!

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  • Yes they are !!!!!!

  • When is the J6 committee going to call Tom Fitton to Capitol Hill to testify before the rogue January 6 committee and present his information he has?

  • Go Tom! You could be the one to bring down the house by exposing the truth!! Thank you for pushing so hard to get the facts to the public!! Tyrannical Polosi needs to be exposed not only for her part of 1/6 but of ALL of her corruption!! 🤞🙏

  • FBI orchestrated false flag event, and Congressional cover up, full stop!

  • Videos are evidence. Lol. Government used them in Rittenhouse trial, but because they show Antifa leading the way into the white house and the murder of Ashley Babbitt, they are no longer evidence. Polosi has offended my very core sense of justice. There are no words to describe how incompetent she is to be a Representative let alone the speaker of the house. Yes, she us smart and manipulative. Still does not make her sane.

  • Pelosi withholding evidence that exonerates political prisoners. SHE should be in jail

  • Crazy Nancy….it's still "The People's House" 🇺🇸

  • Capital police murder!

  • Video footage could be important to finding the truth

  • Ya they don’t want people to see the truth of what really happened!!! Why cover it?
    All it does is make it look like she is hiding evidence…..

  • Go Judicial Watch !!

  • Piglosi is right out of “Animal Farm” …and “ Idiocracy”.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong. For Pelosi to say it's not public record would in essence be withholding evidence? Or is the great harlot unable to be held accountable?

  • Why are they not public ??? She doesn't rule our Country!!!

  • Of course it was! That's on nancy's hands!Blood!!! She and her goonies planned jan6th!!!

  • What they need to hide, is not from the people. It's themselves, they had a big part in this. Maybe that's something to hide.

  • Yeah it's not public record cause Trump did nothing wrong but you, Peloski want to try + punish him

  • It is understandable why Pelosi does not want to show the shooting of an unarmed woman – a war hero – in private. Because this is fascism.

  • The left has no shame

  • Nancy is getting her lawn shit on like she been shity to America

  • Pelosi is just adding to her long list of dishonest dialog with Americans. Jan 6th is another Russiagate. IMHO, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and others are criminals.

  • Executive Order by Petulant Pelosi

  • Pelosi has a long list of things she wants to keep from the public. She along with many ugly Democrats need to be investigated. But Biden and his regime are lawless and nothing will happen.

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