The Counter Culture Mom Show with Tina Griffin – SPOTLIGHT: Strategize Against CRT 9/20/21


US Constitution was adopted this week in 1787

Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins claims Mormonism = Christianity

Peter Kirsanow proves critical race theory (CRT) is illegal

Elementary students required reading includes infidelity, sucide, murder, rape, and violence

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  • Wow! LDS ( Mormon) is NOT the same as Christianity – its NOT the same as Believing that Yeshua – God’s Son Is the Man Christ Jesus, is the only Son of Yahweh and satan is NOT his Brother! Jesus Christ is the only way to Abba Father, He is the Door, the Way, The Truth, & The LIFE! He is the ONLY way to be Saved Healed & Delivered! He is the only way to Salvation & to be Forgiven from sin! He was born of the virgin, Mary by the Holy Spirit overshadowing her,. Jesus had a step father Joseph here on earth ans his heavenly Father Above. He has 1/2 siblings. He lived a sinless life here in the earth realm, Jesus came full of GRACE & Truth, He came to reconnect people to God, as sin had separated us, he was hung on a crossbeam on a tree, he died, was buried in a borrowed garden tomb. He descended into hell, got the keys of Death Hell & the grave! Abba Father RAISED HIM from the dead! He was seen on earth by hundreds of witnessed He ascended into heaven to the Father. He will come again and it wont be through a MAN. He will come riding on the clouds on a white horse and every eye will see him!

  • You are obviously extremely ignorant with regards to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are wise in your own eyes but do not yourself understand your own Bible that you read…

    The Book of Mormon IS Another Testament of The Savior, The Redeemer, The Only Begotten of The Father, even Jesus Christ. He Lived, Died and Lives again.

    He IS The Word and was WITH The Father in the beginning.

    John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was (WITH) God, and the Word was God"

    Genesis 1:26

    "And God said, Let (US) make man in (OUR) image, after (OUR) likeness"

    WHO was He Talking too???

    Acts 7:56 "And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man (standing on the right hand of God.")
    (Was Christ literally standing on his own right hand?)

    Who did Christ cry out to while on the cross? Himself?? No, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"
    "Father why has thou forsaken me"

    Your understanding of The Godhead is wrong… Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost are three separate individuals, yet they work as a team they are one in purpose…

    Christ clearly taught this when he taught the apostles how to pray… you do know The Lord's Prayer right??

    (OUR Father) which art in Heaven…Jesus said "OUR Father"

    Heavenly Father is The Father of ALL our Spirits including Jesus, and is even Jesus's Father and His God…

    In the beginning, The Father stood in the mist of intelligences… Jesus was the FIRST BORN of The Father and progressed far beyond all of His other Spirit children thus becoming THE WORD, like unto The Father and reached the Exalted status of Godhood…

    Lucifer was a son of the morning, but had NOT achieved what Jesus had… NOT like unto Christ. He was full of pride, envy and sought to have Fathers Throne and Glory and Power and Dominion…

    The Father presented The Plan of Salvation and said that there must be a Savior, Lucifer raised his hand and said send him but give him all the power and Glory and he would force us, he would take away our free agency but we would all make it….Christ said "Father here am I, send me and the glory be Thines forever"…

    Jesus stood for free agency and Lucifer didn't and because of that there was a war in heaven a war of words and people choosing sides and Lucifer fell…Coincidentally which is the same exact battle that we're fighting right NOW!

    YOU were there, YOU chose The Father's Plan of Salvation…NOW you're fighting against it… If you don't get rid of your pride and humble yourself before the Lord one day you will be one of the ones that Jesus prophesied will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth….

    The Lord does warn us about false prophets, if there's false prophets, that means there must be a TRUE one.

    Just what IF, Joseph Smith was a TRUE Prophet and just what IF there was a True Prophet on the Earth today, a modern-day Noah if you will…Would it be important to find out?? We know what happened to the people in Noah's time that didn't believe…

    I testify that I know from personal experience that Joseph Smith was a True Prophet of The Lord that he did indeed see God The Father and His Son, Jesus Christ… and ultimately gave his life for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, being torn away from his wife and children knowing that he was going as a lamb to the slaughter and he could have at any moment said "I lied I made it up!" and the mobs would have left him alone, but he could not deny what he knew was the truth as in doing so he would have offended God…

    So you want to talk about fruits he literally DIED for it, how's that for fruits!

    And by their fruits ye shall know them… Anyone that puts aside their bias and reads The Book of Mormon, even just a part of it with an open heart and then Prays to The Father, in The name of Jesus Christ, with a SINCERE heart with REAL intent, having FAITH in Christ, they WILL receive a witness of its truthfulness, by the feelings of The Spirit of God… Some of those feelings are… love joy peace comfort warmth…

    Fools shall mock but they shall mourn…

    I invite you to repent and humble yourself before The Lord.

    The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a TRUE Prophet of God and The Lord's Prophet, His Mouthpiece on the Earth today is Russell M. Nelson.

    Amos 3:7 "7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants (The Prophets)"

    Ephesians 2:20 "20 And are built upon the FOUNDATION of The APOSTLES and PROPHETS, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone"

    The first weekend in October is the LDS General Conference, where The Lord's Prophet and Apostles will speak to the world. I would invite you to watch it, it'll be on YouTube


    You might learn something…

  • Facebook has silenced me for 3 days because I tried to share the video of Marjorie Green requesting DementiaJo be impeached! Said it was offensive!

  • You need to pray about this! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and you have your facts wrong. I will no longer follow your YouTube channel!

  • Latter day saints are Christians, I know because I am one. I love the Chosen. It's great that Dallas is a true christian, unlike you who has the need to judge people and religious content instead of looking for what they stand for. The Chosen is a wonderful, uplifting show in a world of chaos and unless you are an atheist you can benefit from its content. I just discovered you and I will not be watching you again. God bless you and your audience.

  • Dear Right-side Broadcasting please go watch Project Veritas latest video, it's Part 1 in their newest series. I am certain that you will find it Quite Interesting to say the Least! God bless!!

  • I was worrying about their Mary emphasis already, this just confirms what I was afraid of. I was waiting to see if they actually acknowledged Jesus' siblings, since they haven't yet.
    Dallas was already too proud of his heretical joke when Jesus said,"There are even some things I can't do," when Simon asked if Jesus could help Andrew's dancing.

  • I don't think a lot of main stream Mormons as well as main stream Christians know what they believe. Both Mormons and Christians agree on most patriot values. So if they are not against us they are for us. I'm not defending mormonism just speaking from my eastern Idaho experiences. I am Catholic and we got lots of problems.

  • I knew that was going to happen with the Chosen series 😥 when he filmed on their property

  • Keep fighting!!

  • Instead of blaming critical race theory for teaching racism you should just be truthful and honest and call it what it really and truly is, it is hate, it is hateful ignorance to the truth. It also is racism and racism is hate. There needs to be a law against hate and those who are evil-minded. What would this country or other nations be like if hate was a crime?????

  • I read Jaws during English class.

  • One easy tactic at the office when at a CRT propaganda class is to allow it to go in one ear and out the other. In short, pretend to listen but ignore it. I'm selectively good at this.

  • What a mormon bashing bigot. Just because they have another book with another testament, does not give you a monopoly on god, or the savior. Or mean that they prey to a different god. So short sighted. I am appalled by your bias. No thank you.

  • Please don’t be ignorant. Lds people do love the same Jesus. It’s awful sad that many people that call themselves Christians get hung up on doctrine they think or believe. Lds people aren’t going around canceling christian film makers that only believe in their version of Jesus. Lds people love and support all people that are doing the best they know to follow God.

  • 😳 😳😳The Biden Administration is Mandating the Death 💀 Jab!!! Start the Nuremberg Trials Now!!!

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