SolarWinds hack likely started earlier than previously thought

Investigators probing the massive recent hack into U.S. servers said it was likely being carried out for an even longer period than they first thought. One America’s Hans Hubbard reports.

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  • Strike Strike Strike starting on January 20 at Noon.

    We need to remind the rich and the powerful that they survive by the will of the people.

    We will not be silenced.

  • China is who did this

  • Trump lost lmao 😂😂

  • More propaganda.

  • America was hacked by Chinees AI and is trying to make it look like Russia did it all. Russia knew about it, yes but the only facilitated the Chinese cyberwar against America. Russia can't say that without implicating themselves.

  • For a guy describing what others have called a "digital Pearl Harbor", this guy seems very unconcerned. Were they in sensitive systems or not? What did the code they injected do? Just because data wasn't stolen directly (ie a keylogger, etc), doesn't mean no damage was done. Stuxnet didn't steal data either and yet it crippled Iran's illegal uranium enrichment. So, essentially, we got a really big announcement, then it disappeared and everyone who should be talking about it shut up and is trying like hell to pretend it didn't happen. When we hear authorities saying "nothing to see here, move along", that's probably a really good indication you need to know what they're not telling you. Freaking crooked creeps.

  • It doesn't matter because Comey said no Prosecutor would prosecute Hillary over her servers and the free random hacking of the Top secret data on her harddrives.
    How much time did Anthony Weiner do for possessing Top Secret data on his laptop? ZERO!!!
    Who was held responsible for the Hacking of the Dominion Voting Machines?? ZERO!!
    Bradley Manning is walking free.

  • These buffoons put all Americans at risk. Every stinkin' one of them should be booted out.

  • Warner is the swamp

  • ELECTION FINALE 2/4:  When joe biden defrauds the election, he intends to remove “THE PEOPLE” out of the government and they are no long the representative of the people. Instead, the criminal democrats and the elites will become the masters and the ruling. They are not elected officials, they believe it is their right (not GOD given right – they don’t believe that) to become the masters of America and that “THEIR WILL BE DONE IN AMERICA” which means that their own LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS will govern the land. For all INTENT AND PURPOSES, AMERICA IS NOW UNDER COMMUNISM where everything is “COMMON” i.e. common ideas (if you have different idea you will be censored and silenced), and the democrats are the OPPRESSORS of America as well. And by becoming chinese puppet, joe biden now gives china 90% of America including the highest executive office, the presidency. And finally, china will take control of the mighty AMERICAN ARMED FORCES, the last stronghold of the American people. After taking control of the armed forces of America, china will kick start “THE FOURTH WORLD WAR”. That’s right, WORLD WAR THREE has been waged about 40 years ago and no one knew (except china) because it’s a smart war and a stealth war. Even America was caught unprepared and is now under china’s control. From technology, information, studies/education, entertainment – that’s why crappy Korean movie gets the award, media – yes CNN and all fake news are china controlled and is under orders to attack President Trump, social media (Suckerberg’s wife is a chinese spy) – that’s why social media is censoring coz they’re adopting communism in social media, china also controls all branches of the government – legislatures, judiciary, and executive (from mayors up to now the presidency). China is hoping to get control of the armed forces as well.

  • Wasn't Solarwind created in the Obama administration?

  • Another democrat with another announcement about how one of his pet projects has been caught playing games with hacking and money and tech companies. There seems to be a trend here. The outsider president caught people using their position gubmint to make millions and trying to hide it behind said president while they did it

  • Barack Obama belongs in a jail cell.

  • foreign aid is really money laundering for ALL democrats and some republicans.

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