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Rudy Giuliani And OAN Sued By Georgia Election Workers

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Two Georgia election workers are suing both the One America News network and Rudy Giuliani for defamation. The pair – a woman and her daughter – allege that the network and the former President’s lawyer defamed them when they claimed that the women produced “suitcases” of ballots during the recount – a claim that was completely divorced from reality and resulted in threats and other problems for the women. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Two election workers from the state of Georgia, actually a mother and daughter, are now suing both Rudy Giuliani and the One America News network for defamation alleging in separate lawsuits, of course, that each of these individuals or groups spread misinformation, knowingly spread misinformation about these two women that has of course, disrupted their lives. So what did these entities say about these two women? Well, according to what Rudy Giuliani has said and what One America allowed to be said on their network was that these two women somehow as election result counters in the state of Georgia, pulled out suitcases filled with ballots and of course it was those ballots in those suitcases that they believe are fraudulent and gave Joe Biden the edge in the state of Georgia in 2020. This is not true. There were no suitcase filled with ballots. You know, those videos Republicans put out claiming to say, oh, look, he’s pulled out a box of ballots out of nowhere.

It’s because they were being stored because they had gone home for the night and when they arrived the next morning they, they pulled the boxes out and started counting the ballots again. They, they, they didn’t fabricate the boxes overnight and plant them there. That’s where they were keeping them until they could be counted. So it’s most likely a similar situation here. It probably wasn’t suitcases, just okay folks we’re done for the night, put your ballots back in the box, put ’em over here. We’re gonna come back and start fresh in the morning. You know, like you would do at any job. You put your work away. You work in a restaurant, you put all the utensils away, you close down, you put all the condiments back into the cooler. That doesn’t mean that the next morning when you pull them out, you fabricated new materials, new documents, new ketchups. It’s because you stored them so they didn’t sit out all all night.

That’s, that’s what happens. But of course these morons didn’t understand that. They engaged in this likely defamation. And so the women are suing and rightfully so. They have faced harassment, they have faced threats. You know, it’s likely going to be difficult for them to continue working as election workers in the state of Georgia with the National’s attention that they have gotten because of this. So in terms of the criteria, the damage is suffered by these two women, they absolutely would allow them to sue for defamation in this particular instance. So what the courts are gonna have to decide is was this negligent or was this actual malice, right? Did, did Rudy Giuliani say these things knowing they were false or did he have enough information to suggest they were false, but he ignored it? Same thing with One America. If the courts determine, excuse me, that yes, that did in fact happen, then these two women would prevail in these particular lawsuits.

And of course, as I’ve pointed out in the past, when you start going after just private citizens, you know, private workers, like the Dominion worker who’s also suing some of the right wingers because they used his name. They pointed to him as the fraud guy. These are not public figures. If you go in public using a public platform and you start trashing an average citizen, making wild accusations against them, they didn’t sign up for this.

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