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Removing Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs for Putin’s Arrest

The Hague Warrant and the Western Strategy Against China's Russophile Allies

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The Kubera Principle

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McFaul’s Repentance Strategy

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The issuance of an International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant for the arrest of the Kremlin dictator marks the first step in countering China’s Russophile strategy. The Western allies are currently seeking to identify potential alternative power centers to the Russian oligarchs and the Kremlin elite. A proposal has been made for a pathway to remove the long-serving dictator in exchange for legal immunity. It is expected that Beijing will continue to support its Kremlin ally in the aftermath of the recent war with Ukraine. The United States, in turn, will pursue a change in leadership in Russia. However, there is currently no clear plan for a “Kremlin coup,” and Washington is primarily exploring its domestic options. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has suggested the lifting of sanctions against Russian billionaires under certain conditions, including their opposition to Putin and the conflict in Ukraine, contribution of 50% of their wealth to the Ukraine Restoration Fund, and cessation of business activities in Russia. McFaul’s proposal aims to give these individuals a chance to “redeem” themselves and potentially pave the way for a change in the Kremlin’s leadership. The discussion of McFaul’s “repentance strategy” indicates that the idea of a “reserve exit” for the Kremlin family is being debated. However, it is too early to determine whether this proposal is feasible or likely to be implemented. Numerous media outlets have conveyed personal messages to Putin, invoking the Yugoslav example of the Hague’s successful pursuit of Milosevic’s accomplices, and warning that today’s allies may become tomorrow’s jailers.

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During World War II, the German military devised Operation “Valkyrie” with the intention of toppling the Nazi leadership and gaining control of Germany’s army. The ultimate goal was to negotiate a separate peace agreement with England and the US while continuing the fight against the Soviet Union. When discussing the Russian oligarchs, it is crucial to identify and define their defining characteristics, often referred to as a set of beliefs. This group has been widely regarded as a destructive force, causing significant harm not only to the United States and other countries but also to Russia itself, as evidenced by the reputation of the Kremlin’s destabilizing influence. Therefore, it is essential to outline their objectives, as changes have occurred over three generations of oligarchs. The Rich TVX News Network has reported alarming facts regarding Russia’s tendency to incite conflict and destabilize nations. The oligarchs’ core beliefs and objectives center around safeguarding Russia against its enemies, which has remained their top priority since their inception by a group of KGB generals in 1989. According to the latest intelligence report, the Russian forces have shifted their focus from the stalled offensive on Bakhmut to other areas in the Donbass, specifically Avdiivka in the south and the Kremennaya and Svatovo sectors to the north. This change in strategy is likely due to the extreme exhaustion of Russian forces during the failed attack on Bakhmut, which also resulted in heavy losses for Ukraine. Additionally, tensions between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Wagner PMC have further complicated the situation. The report suggests that these recent developments indicate a return to a defensive strategy, with little progress made in their flimsy attempts to launch an offensive since January of this year.

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