Bill Gates Thinks He Can Dim The Sun's Rays? with Steve Milloy

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  • Good job!… Every governor is a little dictator. So, Trump said, paper vote, signature, control by US territory security…. And candidates motivated by power people, and not by power of money. Climates, viruses are just globalist order power to inactivate power of the people. Sun is life, and out of access to human technology, wich is a microcosme. At the opposite, solar energy, electric cars, uses ressources that are not renewables. So every one can understand that the actuals hoax attempting to people life are weird dictatorial narrative.

  • Gates = Murderer …

  • Experiments with the atmosphere should be outlawed. Who the F**k is Bill Gates to decide anything? He stole IBM's code (IBMDOS) and became extremely rich from it. He's a rich idiot that wants constant attention..

  • He's a complete whack job. He's so wealthy that he's completely lost his mind..

  • Where the HELL does he get the right to just decide for over 7 billion people

  • The general idea of this comes from zachariah sitchin. His interpretation of the sumerian tablets.

  • If the journalist didn't bring up, the EXPERT would not talk!

  • What I think Bill Gates Meant: Dim Sum.. Because CCP Hack.

  • These are called CHEMTRAILS. NOTHING NEW!!

  • What about the need for vitamin D

  • Also in other news where fox has comments turned off on dna found at center of nashville blast I must report here that is insane just as muslim I'd found at twin towers blasts. Lord please hurry on getting these demons rebuked back to hell. Pray like your life depends on it because it does sadly. As God does I 💙 you all.

  • After having a look at the comments below I seriously think critical thinking really needs to be introduced into US schools.

  • Trump ❤️🇺🇸💙 2020… Best Man For The Job… @JoeBiden A 🤥🤡 And @KamalaHarris A 🤥👹… LOSERS… WHERE’S HUNTER Follow The Money… 🤥 @BarackObama …

  • Bill "Canute" Gates?

  • Out of office??? They need to be sued and arrested 😡

  • Why is he allowed to do this??? He’s a mad man 😖

  • Sounds like more chemtrails, ya know those things everyone has forgotten.
    Worked for the plandemic… probably work to block the sun.
    A warning tho.. just because you can't see it doesn't mean it cant still burn you.

  • We already have chemtrails…vitamin d deficiency anyone?

  • He's one of them educated idiots with no common since!!!!!

  • Gates is an evil puppet…and he enjoys it.

  • He's messing with fire and the good Lord wow!!!!

  • Don't mess with mother nature

  • Bill Gates/Al Gore. Both known for something that gave them simulated status many years ago. Both rich because of it. Both bored with money, moving on to the next inevitable step in ineffectual rich people's hobbies: Eugenics. People control by way of identifying people being the cause of every problem, every problem refined into crisis, every crisis defined by any measurable impact of people within any arbitrarily defined parameter, every constrained answer to the simulated problem formulated by the same rich, bored identity debutantes that propagate the proposed problem to begin with. Human beings are COVID to the earth, and must be regulated by those who have coronated themselves authorities through spontaneous validation. Next verse same as the first.

  • Dangerously Stupid People.

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