Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – The USA Has No President ft. Isabella Riley

America is in one of the greatest times of crisis in the nation’s history and we have no commander in chief at the helm. It’s that simple and the situation in Afghanistan proves it. We don’t say this lightly, but the absence of leadership is glaring and should be of grave concern for all Americans. No matter what anyone said about President Trump, nobody could deny the man had clear convictions and stood tall on the world stage as he projected his message. Joe Biden has disappeared from the public eye when American citizens and allies around the world need him most and not even the liberal media can spin it at this point. On this episode of RWT, we break down how the Biden Presidency is effectively over.

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  • Part of the plan was to leave the equipment and arm them. Also giving them a bargaining chip to getting what they want from other countries by trading some of this equipment for what they want

  • ,,The gender program”……??? ,,To be’In Afganistan ?

    Ideology ….. against GOD ALMIGHTY
    PERFECTC CREEATION …. Is faliure …………….
    … NOT share HE’S INFINIT Inteligence , POWER , Suveranity , Glory , Reign , Kingdom ..etc etc with people that ignore ,fight against HIM , and against established perfect ORDERS AND RULES IN HE’S CREEATION …

  • WTF ! WRONG WRONG WRONG , China as don jnr says HAS ALREADY "ATE YOUR LUNCH " ! THEY OWN EVERY AMERICAN POLITICIAN , same as U.K .Australian and ANY RICH COUNTRY you name . They finance the Turks , Iranians , The Saudis even ! Dont forget Australia , Latin America aswell as any European or Soviet state you say . Now GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE ! IMPROVE YOUR FAMILY FREINDS AND NEIGHBOURHOOD .
    Good luck and

  • For all intents and purposes, we were out of the Afghan war. There has not been an American fatality in a year and a half over there. We were supporting Afghan soldiers with air support and intelligence only. We should have stayed that way indefinitely just like we are in Europe and S. Korea to protect the U.S. from terrorists and communism.

    Now, eyes back to the audits that they want us to forget about. Saying Trump won is not 'white rage' There are plenty of people of color who think the same way. They know that the left is trying to use them.

    I think that they are showing the Taliban in the Presidential Palace to give Americans a visual to compare to Jan. 6. MSM does not think that the Taliban is now a progressive group of people. They are not falling for it, they are just promoting it because that is what they are told to do. People are in extreme danger and being killed because of their political games that they are playing.

    One thing you are wrong with. The people that make up the Taliban are educated people. There are not very many of them but they are NOT stupid.

  • Slow Down !!! 😃😄😍

  • How do we win? Voting doesn't get us anywhere they just steal when we try to vote them out.

  • Damn the red tape slowing the vetting process for Afghan refuges. What about the freakin' American citizens in Afghanistan?!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Thank you! It's great to hear an honest reporter discuss 5he Afghanistan debacle!! The US has a lot of idiot leaders and other people high up destroying this country. And many, many of the incompetent bafoones are Demoncrats.

  • The globalist agenda is back on track now that the Democrats Have Cheated their way back in control of the United States❗

  • #Mike Crispi your SO SPOT ON This is off the chain CRAZY
    it has been the PLAN All ALONG starting with Obama on down
    & YES we have to get these BAFFLING MORRONS O-U-T IN 2022!

  • Have no boarder,no law,no country!!!

  • The elites new exactly what they were doing. Biden did exactly what he was told to do. China now has control of the biggest lithium mine in the world and left them all our bases full of American weapons to protect them. The only thing the last 20 years did was give Afghan women a taste of freedom.

  • Washington is too busy trying to figure out what color lipstick and too too there going to wear for the day.

  • Time impeach to Sleepy Biden now.

  • All done on purpose y else the Biden team took vacation its in yr face the lies manipulation

  • It was done on purpose we could still shut it down but choose not too. Biden and team took vacation on purpose as well

  • They lie. You don't. Thank you

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