Someone Has To Say It ft. Alex Lains – Your Fears Shouldn't Be Hindering My Rights 8/4/21

My freedom is not selfish and your fears shouldn’t be hindering my rights. If you’re scared, stay home.

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  • Biden and the Democrats who now own congress sat on their collective butts for weeks as pretty much everyone warned them about the approaching virus eviction moratorium. They were distracted by all the scandals around this administration, and by their own phony January 6th ‘investigation’, and they let the moratorium slip on by, untouched. They offered no help to the residents, and they offered no help to the landlords, who are also struggling to pay their own mortgages on the buildings. In fact, it’s just like their border catastrophe . . . they just sit by and do nothing, all those suffering be damned. The CDC had to step in and issue a moratorium order, which directly contradicts a Supreme Court order. Another task well done, Biden/Harris. The Supreme Court explicitly said the extension, as it had been delivered by the Executive Branch, exceeded rules of separation of power, but Biden said this week that he doesn’t care. No response from the media. He believes he can get by with it for a long time before the courts can catch up to him. Can you imagine if the Supreme Court told Trump he could not use federal military to fight progressive anarchists, and he said “I don’t care” and just went ahead and did it, anyway? The Democrat screams of “Dictator” would resound through the halls of congress. The media/progressive response would be explosive. From the Washington Examiner: “President Joe Biden may not be a socialist, but his unprecedented weaponization of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to extend an eviction moratorium already deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, cannot be described as anything other than a socialist encroachment of private property rights and an affront to the rule of law.”
    • Let’s get a couple of facts straight about the virus situation. If you have been vaccinated, you are safe. The “breakthrough” cases for vaccinated people are rare as frog hair. If you are not vaccinated, but have had COVID-19, you are also safe, probably even more immune than the vaccinated. So, at this point, the only people really at risk are the unvaccinated who have not yet had COVID. That well defined group offers the only reason for anyone to wear a mask . . . to protect the Un-vaccinated who have not yet had COVID, and who have made the choice to remain unvaccinated. More than 95% of hospitalizations last week were UN-vaccinated citizens. Children under twelve are probably not vaccinated, but are at very, very low risk of a serious infection. Those who choose to exercise their right to remain unvaccinated are clearly willing to run the risk of being infected, and, if it happens, the chances of them actually dying have been far reduced. Again, the only reason to wear a mask now is to protect those who have not yet had the virus, and who choose to remain unvaccinated. So, tell me again, why are we doing mask mandates again? Why does Pelosi want people arrested?
    • Biden called out Texas for having an increase in virus cases. Unbelievable. Biden has invited hundreds of thousands of health challenged illegal border crossers to make themselves at home in Texas and other border states. Among those crossers who are apprehended, and many are not, positive virus tests have ranged from 10 to 30% infected! We are watching busload after busload being walked out of the river or the desert, loaded onto buses, and delivered to Catholic Charity facilities, where they are quickly turned around and put on buses or trains to be dumped all over the country . . . including cities in Florida. Biden is spreading the virus in the worst possible way, with Texas being one of the worst impacted by his insanity, and he wants to call the Texas Governor out for increased cases? Even the most deeply brainwashed Democrats must surely see the idiocy factor in all of this. Surely . . . right?

  • What a fantastic Woman! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • You go gf! You told me straight ! But time someone spoke up!

  • 👍🇺🇲

  • 💜🇺🇸👍🏼

  • You shouldn't be "mad". You should just not comply. We ALL need to NOT comply with this bullshit and if they try to stop us by force, we fight back. This is AMERICA. This is not some 3rd world country… and we are not CHINA.

  • Obviously an antivaxxer…. I recommend the COVID virus comrade…… Kamala. Is this the 2nd or third booster that causes infertility

  • It’s ok we just need a war to distract you, then you will settle down. Coming soon, probably near 🇹🇼. taiwan

  • Pray a hedge of thorns around this woman. U know what I'm doing about.

  • The only good communist is a dead Communist …..

  • I complied the first time they did the lockdown but when it came back for the second time I did not comply and I'm not going to comply I am not going to wear a mask I am not going to get the jab enough with this control bullshit from the Democrats! this is the beginning of their socialism watch and see stop being stupid stupid!

  • You go girl!!

  • She's a champion american beauty…god made a great one with one heck of a mind

  • 4 snowflakes disapprove of this message.

  • I'd follow her. She thinks like me..I love you..your right

  • Thank you so much for speaking what we all are thinking! Pardon, not all, but most intelligent people do.

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