Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – Biden’s Hidden Agenda Revealed 9/9/21

We’ve all been wondering for weeks now what the true reason was behind the recent chaos in Afghanistan. Was Joe Biden and his administration this incompetent? Or is there a sinister subplot hiding in plain sight? Now that the dust has “relatively” settled, the picture is starting to become increasingly clear. This is yet another example of extreme, unprecedented and shameless Democrat corruption. On this episode of RWT, we break down Biden’s hidden agenda as well as speak to veteran James Oleen about his non-profit to rescue the American’s stranded by Biden in the middle east. We also chat with New York Attorney General Candidate Michael Henry to delve into the “distractions” being thrown at us on the home-front.


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  • He who controls the Cloud later,Weather will ultimately control the world….Quote by which former president? RESEARCH it

  • Biden officially worst dictator president ever.. impeachment Now

  • There is nothing American citizens can do at this point except what Patriots are supposed to do when tyrannical government chokes out the tree of Liberty. All this talk is good entertainment but it means nothing. The time for talking is done. We act soon or perish.

  • We need to go back there and kick the Taliban and china ass and bring the American people back

  • I'm offended that she's wearing a ND Fighting Irish shirt 😆

  • Genesis 22, the Bible says, as long as there is an earth there will be a spring, summer, fall and winter. That's the promise of God our Father, Creator and King of the Universe. Send me all your money and I will save you from the weather…that's the promise of the Marxist tyrants who have stolen our country, our elections, our $, our lives. Take it back.

  • The truth spoken so well!.
    They are the Dark Side. Remember 9-1-1.

  • The selfishness of human nature conceals the evil of human nature. This has made the CCP or Satan a fish in water. What has happened, what will happen tomorrow? People should now look for the lost justice to expel Satanism

  • China told Biden to get is azz out of Afghanistan and Biden said "Right away master""..

  • It doesn't matter how much carbon emission is in the atmosphere, when it rains enough in those southern States they will flood, it's been that way for centuries.
    Maybe they shouldn't build housing developments in the middle of the forest in California, or 50' from the ocean.

  • They've been crying about "climate change" for more like 40 yrs, if what was suppose to happen that they said, then every coastal state would be under water, Florida would be gone, California would float off to China, and the north pole would be gone, would be 90° in December in N.Y.
    We'd be starving from Draught.
    They've been lying for decades and the worse thing is the generations the last 30 yrs believe it.

  • ❤️❤️👍👍👍❤️❤️

  • They been talking about climate change for 40 years our tax $$$ goes to their pockets it’s all a scam! Mike love your channel!

  • Seriously, these dudes on RSBN may have some good points or good topics and as much as I’d like to listen, I cannot get past the first few minutes because of how they speak. Jesus, get to the point, get the facts out, and quit screaming in the mic and lay off the crack before you do your “show”. Good god fix these “shows”. Do better RSBN

  • Globalist crimes against humanity

  • Former VP slow biden net worth: $9million

    Current POTUS Donald J Trump net worth: $2.4billlion

  • 64 ++++ court judges ruled the election wasnt a sham.
    And these are the courts that matter.
    Trump's movement continues…bowel movement.
    The weapons are in 10000 taliban hands that trump released from prison.
    Keep cryin and send mo money for his legal defense.
    Thought he was a billionaire.
    See yall on the 18th ?
    Take lots o selfies

  • U r not Alex jonessssss! So stop the flipping yelling and speak as normal people do

  • Hysterical video about YouTube censorship:


  • Stop pushing your b***** f**** merchandise and start spitting some truth

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