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Putin’s Inner Circle and the Power Struggles for the Future of Russia

The Lord of the Rings, Putin, and The Symbolism of Power and Corruption

Putin’s Inner Circle and the Power Struggles for the Future of Russia

NEW YORK ( — Explore the parallels between Vladimir Putin and the antagonist of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” through the metaphor of “orcs” and the association of unlimited power and moral decline with Putin’s political allies. Learn about the predictions for 2023 made by the Kremlin and the ongoing debate about the role and effectiveness of Dmitry Medvedev in Russian politics. Understand the increasing enmity between different classes of society in Russia and the role of Putin’s evil chef in inciting this divide. Dive into the complexities of Russian politics and the power struggles for the future of the country.

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The Symbolism of Power and Corruption

The Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is being compared to the antagonist of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” through the association of “orcs” with his political allies. Putin is said to have given 9 “rings of power” to his allies in the Commonwealth of Independent States, similar to how the character Sauron gave 9 rings to the kings of men in the book. These rings symbolize the connection of unlimited power and the moral decline of the individual. It is also noted that the armies of Sauron mostly consisted of orcs, just like Putin’s army. The reference to “orcs” is a metaphor for Putin’s political allies who are considered to be morally questionable and lacking integrity. The degree of dissatisfaction in Russia is said to be increasing. As we are now two weeks into the new year, it is worth revisiting some of the predictions that were made before the start of 2023 by the Kremlin including Dmitry Medvedev:

      • The capture by Poland and Hungary of the western regions of the former Ukraine.
      • The creation of a Fourth Reich on the basis of Germany and the countries that joined it (Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, the Kyiv Republic, and other outcasts).
      • War between France and the Fourth Reich leading to the partition of Europe, including a new partition of Poland.
      • The separation of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and its accession to the Republic of Ireland.
      • The outbreak of a civil war in the United States, leading to the separation of California and Texas into independent states and the creation of a union state of Texas and Mexico.
      • The subsequent victory of Elon Musk in the US presidential election in some of the states that were assigned to the Republicans after the civil war.
      • The transfer of all major stock markets and financial activity from the US and Europe to Asia.
      • The collapse of the Bretton Woods financial system, including the collapse of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
      • The rejection of the euro and the dollar as world reserve currencies and the return to the gold standard.
      • A transition to the active use of digital fiat currencies.
      • An increase in oil prices to $150 per barrel and gas prices to $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.
      • The return of the United Kingdom to the European Union.
      • The collapse of the European Union following the return of the UK and the abolition of the euro as the currency of the former EU.

Dmitry Medvedev: Putin’s Tool or a Farcical Figure in Russian Politics?

The question of who Dmitry Medvedev is and what role he plays in Russian politics is a topic of ongoing debate. Some view him as a retired and ineffective president who has become erratic and unreliable due to idleness and drunkenness. Others see him as an important tool in the hands of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The recent proposal to declare all those who have left Russia as enemies of the state and forbid them to return, has raised questions about the source and true purpose of the proposal. Some speculate that it may have come from a person close to Putin who is testing the reaction to potential future actions. As Putin cancels more and more trips, speculation about a potential replacement for him has increased. Each new role or responsibility given to Medvedev seems to move him further from the presidency, but at the same time, it seems questionable to choose someone as seemingly comical and monstrous as Medvedev as a serious candidate. However, the more farcical his statements and actions appear, the more real power he seems to have. He has recently gained control of the military-industrial complex, and was sent to China to meet with President Xi Jinping. This suggests that Putin and his inner circle may be trying to position Medvedev as a strong candidate for the presidency in the future, possibly as a way to scare the world with the idea of a president with delirium tremens and shaky hands on the nuclear button.

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The Rise of Putin’s Evil Chef

Putin’s evil chef is inciting enmity between different classes of society by targeting the wealthy class in Russia. The chef is said to have stated that Russians should be deprived of their luxurious lifestyles and that everything should be taken away from the wealthy. This is compared to Lenin’s tactics of inciting class warfare in the past, using the principle of “taking everything from the rich and distributing it equally among the poor” to gain support from the working class. However, it is pointed out that the poor are not eager to die for Putin’s cause, and there is a likelihood of another revolution or coup in Russia due to the high probability of regime change. According to an unnamed American official, the fiercest battles in Ukraine are taking place around the business interests of the evil chef, who is considered a “favorite prisoner” of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The evil chef is said to be attempting to exploit the salt and gypsum mines near Bakhmut, Ukraine, which have unique deposits of refractory clay and pure gypsum, with potential profitability in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year. The evil chef is also the leader of the Russian private military company, which is known to promote the geopolitical interests of the Kremlin in Africa by exploiting the natural resources of the continent. The Russian private military company is said to have created its own economy based on the plundering of Africa’s resources, and is active in over 80% of African countries, and reportedly controls 50% of Africa’s gold and diamonds. The chef and other Putin’s henchmen are looting Ukraine and other lands in the name of the Kremlin’s interests, by using tens of thousands of lives as cannon fodder in the process. There have been speculations about growing dissatisfaction among those close to Vladimir Putin and a potential split among Russia’s so-called elite class. Russian billionaires with government connections are saying that there is great frustration among people around Putin. There is a growing rift between Putin and most of the Russian elite, citing several conversations with Russian business leaders, officials, and analysts. However, it is stated that these anonymous sources should not be taken seriously and that hopes for concrete actions resulting from this dissatisfaction are in vain. The sources of these leaks are reportedly not currently living in Russia and do not have any influence on the current state of affairs. They are said to be outside of Russia, pretending to be victims and collaborating with Western journalists and politicians. Those who have chosen to stay in Russia with Putin, who potentially still have some influence, are not talking to foreign journalists.

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The Decline

According to statements by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, the prices of gasoline in Russia increased by 0.7% in 2022 and diesel prices by 10%, which is below the inflation rate. The Russian budget revenues from the oil and gas industry grew by 28% in 2022. Additionally, 484 billion cubic meters of gas were supplied to the domestic market of the Russian Federation in 2022, while gas supplies via the Power of Siberia to China in 2022 amounted to 15.5 billion cubic meters. He also reported that electricity production in Russia increased by 0.7% in 2022, consumption by 1.5%. He also mentioned that in the new regions of the Russian Federation, more than 3.5 thousand km of power lines and 4 power units at stations were restored. He also reported that coal production in Russia in 2022 increased by 0.3%, to 442 million tons. Furthermore, Russia increased LNG exports in 2022 by 8% to 46 billion cubic meters. Oil exports from Russia in 2022 increased by 7%, but coal exports from Russia fell by 7.6%. However, coal deliveries to the domestic market increased by 6.8%. What to expect? Well, the Siloviki is a powerful group of individuals within the Russian government with strong ties to Putin. They have been accused of using their power to influence political decisions and to stifle political opposition, control the media, silence critics, and suppress dissent. Their role in politics has been a source of concern for many in Russia, the region and the international community, and there is a fear that their use of force and repression to maintain their grip on power undermines the democratic process, the rule of law and stability in the region and the world. Russian oligarchs are a powerful and influential group in Russian society and politics. They have amassed significant wealth and influence through various means, including through the privatization of state-owned assets and the acquisition of natural resources. They have close ties to the Kremlin and often act as intermediaries between the government and businesses. However, their actions and influence have also been criticized for exacerbating income inequality and hindering the development of a fair and competitive market economy. The actions of Russian oligarchs also have an impact on the foreign relations and the global economy, their influence and wealth can be used to influence the politics in other countries, and therefore they are closely monitored by other nations and international organizations. As Russia continues to develop, it will be important to ensure that oligarchs are held accountable for their actions and that the country’s economic and political systems are fair and transparent. The defeat of Russia in Ukraine will signify the fall of the Putin regime and the start of a long and arduous effort to track down and hold accountable the Siloviki and Russian oligarchs who were responsible for the war crimes committed during the conflict. This process, referred to as “deputinification” by the Rich TVX News Network, will involve identifying and prosecuting those individuals who played a role in the Putin regime, both within Russia and abroad.

list of u.s. companies still in Russia