President Trumps Big Tech Lawsuit Update & Interview with Katie Sullivan – AFPI 7/30/21

Brian Glenn sits down with the Executive Director of the Constitutional Litigation Partnership & General Counsel at America First Policy Institute, Katie Sullivan. Katie gave us an update on President Trumps Big Tech Lawsuit and what we can expect to see in the future.

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  • Dimocraps are killing Americans by withholding medicine for the China virus. They hate Americans.

  • Biden is in the WH because of MASSIVE voter fraud.

  • I hope they award 1000 dollars to each plaintiff, and 100 million people sign up.

  • Yeah my sister tries censoring me
    She gets offended when I say f*** you b** you're a freakin hag .

  • My significant other is a nurse she was on a group of nurses who were planning to go to area hospitals in protest of the recent force of the covid vaccine it was a Facebook page of nurses the ones who fought through covid with no vaccine countless hours for these hospitals who turn their back on them Facebook deemed them terrorists and has taken down their page Yes you heard me deemed them terrorists!!

  • God bless the people's real president Trump,the best president with our love & support !

  • win win win ha ha we will win

  • Yes break up big tech monopolies


  • Has anybody ever heard a President ever say I love you too, when the American people tell him they love.him, he tells us he loves us too, he tells the truth about the swamp. He kept every single promise he made to we the American people, he put our needs before his own, no matter what the fake news and Democrats put him through. He still kept doing his job, investigation after investigation, the lies, then stealing the election from him, no investigation, on the voter fraud year after year.

  • I'd sue them for everything they got, money, car, house. He can sue them for defirmation, twisting his words, accusing him of things democratic party are the guilty party, hiding the truth about the curruption in our government on the Democratic party.

  • I just figured out today that Twitter has blocked many of my tweets just by making them 'failed to post'. Twitter doesn't even be honest to tell us that they blocked our posts. They just algorithmicly block our posts and pretend that our posts failed to post because of something we did or didn't do.

  • Trump also said : PEACE IS THE PRIZE ! God bless you all american patriots for voting Donald J Trump to be your President and the worlds hope for a better future.WWG1WGA

  • Well hopefully we get better results from this lawsuit.

  • They just kicked me off Facebook for 3 days because I mis spoke…not!

  • This has been a fraudulent election. Biden and Harris administration is illegitimate.

  • I need a good lawyer .

  • How do i join the LAW Suite

  • Even censorship on YT as well. Can't use certain phrases they delete them immediately.

  • Let stop fake news,keep sending Trump money to fight this fake news!!

  • The collusion is and always has been, between the defendants and the Party they supports. It is tipical of how to change a free society into a one party domenented authauritarian society.

  • The supreme court john roberts might not want to hear the argument claiming it would cause a riot across america … The same b.s excuse for not hearing the past election in 2020 lol.

  • Good job rsbn. You got a new viewer.

  • Trump is back from the past!

  • Thanks 🙏 I’m a whistleblower 💪🏾✊🏾🥰😘🧲🌈✊🏾👊🏽💎☀️🎉👁

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • How do I prove they closed my access do to a comment! I did not go back and beg them either! Don't even remember my user name! I did not even get a warning! They( I won't name them) didn't like my statement of truth! They shut down my access!

  • I have had Facebook posts taken down when I reposted Florida Frontline Doctors.

  • Facebook is being sued from EU nations also… would not be surprised if it would fall apart…

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