Biden has already 'failed' | Chris Salcedo

Chris Salcedo on Joe Biden’s handling of the chaos in the Capitol, the future of America under a Biden Administration and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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  • C'mon man antifa is just a ideal remember. GTFOH that man makes me sick and I only said man cause I couldn't think of anything else.

  • Makes me sick because they possibly paid that mob he's talking about. They are blaming us for everything they have done.

  • If Biden Obama win , The America over ! America people wake up !

  • Our children have been raised to disrespect our Flag- because they havent been taught what it means, Authority – because theyve been raised without any, and our Country – because they are spoiled rotten brats who believe that they have the right to own and control the ground they stand on. It will be generations before this travesty can be fixed. Our FAMILIES are broken…garbage in…garbage out. So sad.

  • This idiot just called 3/4 of his people terrorists… WOW!
    Way to go Joe.
    You wont be able to walk in the streets from now on.

  • President elect Biden is 100% correct. It was domestic terrorism.

  • With all the censoring going on I recommend getting a shortwave radio and maybe your ham radio license going old school pass it on

  • Newsmax is as fake as Biden

  • Who are these 80 million idiots who voted for Beijing crime bill Biden ?? I don’t believe it !! I remember Dallas Tx democrats buying absentee ballots..

  • I doubt anything will be done, this country on the verge of something terrible

  • God bless President Biden… a Real President….Trump is the devil and his supporters are demons

  • The Deep State is threatening to use dirty bombs in states where they want election fraud to be investigated.

  • Love you Chris and I hope you can stay on this platform….they keep censoring us😑

  • No such thing as god or judgment day. Those are popular claims that have never been demonstrated. No reason to believe.

  • You don't seem to know that Antifa finally admitted to begin paid to storm the capital.

  • It's like – how do you change things? Well – they tell you that you can change the way politics is run in your Country if only you would put the effort into going to the polling booths and voting – you know – putting your cross on the ballot paper. IT DON'T WORK! It doesn't matter anymore about your vote – it really doesn't count anymore.The 'powers that be' really decide who wins the vote – irrespective of any vote cast. YOUR VOTE IS WORTH ZERO.

  • Dilliussional fake news network

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