President Trump hits back at Cohen and ‘fake news media’

Over Tower meeting allegations

President Trump hits back at Cohen and ‘fake news media’

NEW YORK ( – President Trump has lashed out at his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, after Michael Cohen claimed that President Trump knew in advance about a meeting between his son and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower.

President Trump is denying Michael Cohen’s claim he knew of the Trump Tower-Russia meeting in advance.

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  • Poor Michael and the Fake News media outlets "grasping at straws" to try and bring down Trump? It isn't going to work boys. I don't see Trump acting like he's worried anymore than Hillary.

  • Hey Rich TVX why don’t you tell your viewers about the economy? They have a right to know.

  • Waiting to see how they spin the 4.1 GDP into a bad thing.

  • ⏳ Getting close AF for him and his followers. Time to stop supporting this traitor and support your effing country man. I mean seriously bro. About three fourths of the way home. This ends horrendously for these crooks. Bob Mueller knows all and no way they walk away unscathed. No way

  • Like father like son : liar. So is it any wonder that Trump and his people are calling other out as liars. They just assume that everybody lies. What a horrible bunch of people. It’s even more horrible we are talking about them all the time.

  • POOR BASTARD! What's he gonna look like when he loses his comb and hairspray privileges?
    I' mean, orange is the new black and all that, but it's gonna take a lot of getting used to without the daily dozen diet Cokes or the yellow "M" take away.

  • Liberals now love Michael Cohen

  • I can't remember one time that don the con has told the truth. The man has been a conman all his life.

  • Trump gets off on being as mendacious as possible. Each time he lies and gets away with it, you can see his eyes light up a little and his confidence to tell bigger lies just grows and grows.

  • Mueller is playing chicken with Trump.
    This is a direct response to Rosenstein's impeachment push.
    And Mueller will lose. You know why?
    Because Natalia Veselnitskaya, that Russian agent who contacted and arranged that meeting herself with Trump Jr, WAS ON FUSION GPS PAYROLL. Not only that, SHE ALSO MET WITH GLENN SIMPSON, GPS FOUNDER, RIGHT BEFORE AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT MEETING. Fusion GPS was part of the Clinton Campaign.
    And were the guys behind the dossier.
    They, GPS, hired Christopher Steele.
    Just sayin'
    CNN, you are awful. And your audience is a rapidly diminishing crowd of clueless, hyperventilated, foaming anti-Trump zombies

  • It's just a nothing-burger.

  • Why put that creep on, cheating husbands club, dogs


  • Hope he has that on tape

  • He will say whatever to get out of CNN is Fake news,

  • Each day trump is getting closer and closer to the dump?????????

  • Trump made this tweet this morning "In a series of angry Tweets on Friday morning, he again denied any collusion with Moscow and denounced the Mueller probe as a witch hunt. Russia has denied meddling in the election". Russia has denied meddling in the election?, I believe his the only one other than Trump and Trump zombies to believe this.

  • This looks like another nothing burger in a whole table full of nothing burgers. The meeting with the Russian lawyer was a set up by the Deep State. The Russian lawyer was granted a special visa by the Obama State Department to gain entry into the country.

  • Are we all supposed to believe the lies and spin from Giuliani after all the truth has come out already? Does he think people are that dense? Smh

  • Hey remember when Bill claimed he didn’t have sexual relations with that women….. these were facts. Hear the facts first instead of a cnn stretched report, like they always do.

  • Rich TVX Putin’s greatest work!

  • you guys forgot all about the kids…

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