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Pravda Za Davida – The Silence of the Serbs

Why Are You So Quiet Serbia?

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Pravda Za Davida – The Silence of the Serbs

Can you imagine a journalist in the Balkans to whom a press congress in Iran is more important, than the murder of the 21-year-old David Dragičević who belongs to the same people? It’s hard to believe, but such presstitute really exists, and namely in Serbia, a country that has no opposition, no democratic institutions, and where the media is under strong control of the collapsing regime of the seriously ill President Aleksandar Vučić. As a good communist student, the non-democratic leader Aleksandar Vučić knows that the spread of real control has never been by force of battle, but by conquest of the mind of the people. Although the country is beautiful and has wonderful people, it suffers from a completely alienated regime to the interest of its people. Aleksandar Vučić rules through propaganda and lies, but unlike Slobodan Milošević, who had a very strong military and police power behind him, Aleksandar Vučić has only the media, and many false friends, including ca. 50 criminal media presstitutes, who poison the land and the population daily with lies and fake news and various dirt like reality shows, truth is, that the Vučić regime lost sight of their first duty: serving the Serbian people. The dictator Aleksandar Vučić rules over an impoverished population that works for a starvation wage of ca. 235 US$ per month.

Even in the darkness of the media landscape in the Balkans, there is always light. There is no free press in Croatia too, but they have giants of investigative journalism like Domagoj Margetić, and the bravest journalist of the entire Balkans is Slobodan Vasković from Bosnia & Herzegovina. The new generation of young activists like Draško Stanivuković is from Republika Srpska, and the number 1 in Serbia is Boris Malagurski, a Serbian-Canadian film director, and activist, known for his movies “The Weight of Chains“. Among them are very brave artists like the Serbian singer Jelena Karleuša. Serbia, the wonderful land, but unfortunately is in the hands of a merciless regime, which is even worse than any of the regimes before, because the current regime is too blind to make difference between right and wrong, between justice and injustice, through delusion and the arrogance of power, and the reward in the almost unlimited control of Serbian populaces. Of course, there are honest policemen, politicians and journalists in Serbia as well as in Republika Srpska.

It was the same arrogance (of the old regime) they presented to the American and NATO delegations at the state funeral of Josip Broz Tito. After that, the great powers decided to dissolve Yugoslavia, but not to waste their own blood, they left the job to the traitors, that they already had in the highest positions of the country. We can repeat that only someone who is a complete braindead idiot would betray his country in such a way, and even help with the destruction of it. Later generations will not believe that such traitors ever existed. President Aleksandar Vučić has already learned his craft as Minister of Information in the government of Mirko Marjanović. Following rising resentment against Slobodan Milošević, Aleksandar Vučić introduced fines for journalists who criticized the government and banned foreign TV networks, but real perfection he only developed in recent years.

We wish President Aleksandar Vučić a long and healthy life, but we assume that the reign of Aleksandar Vučić will not last long, and then the Serbian dictator will land (with some bad luck) even in prison, since the power centers in London, and Washington set out to eradicate the crime in the Balkans, and to arrest the highest political class in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Republika Srpska, not to mention in the event that he does not meet the expectations of his handlers in the West and does not finish Kosovo as promised, since the fateful meeting in the hotel in Paris.


NEW YORK / BANJA LUKA / BELGRADE ( – As the case of David Dragičević arose, and the cover-ups of the criminal Milorad Dodik regime in Republika Srpska became more and more obvious, we, like the whole civilized world, expected that Serbia, as the motherland, will show some sympathy to the family of David Dragičević, but to our great astonishment we had to find out that Serbia was silent, not only the media controlled by Aleksandar Vučić, which is somehow understandable for a country where there is no democracy, but to our great surprise, the alternative media in Serbia was almost silent as well.

In the 1980s, Serbia was a role-model for many eastern european countries, which suffered heavily under communism, but together with Slobodan Milošević, the banker and son-in-law of the Marković family (one of two families who had the right to rule in Serbia), dark clouds came over Serbia, and for
27 years this country has seen not much sun since then. Serbia has not only lost all wars, but under the criminal organization DOS, even expelled their own President Slobodan Milošević to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which was unique in the history of Serbia.

When we started investigating the phenomenon more closely, we noticed the following:

Phase 1 – The Serbian media controlled by Aleksandar Vučić almost completely ignored the David Dragičević case.

Phase 2 – After the Pravda Za Davida protests continued, David’s father Davor Dragičević and Pravda Za Davida were accused by the Serbian media (controlled by Aleksandar Vučić), of being paid mercenaries by George Soros and the West. Colour revolution as a term that was widely used by Serbian media to describe the Pravda Za Davida movement.

Phase 3 – After the Pravda Za Davida protests still did not stop, and after the pressure has become too big, as the whole world cries for Pravda Za Davida, leaked notes from Dodik regime meetings reveal extent of panic over Pravda Za Davida protests, short after, public attacks and spitting on the dead David Dragičević, his father Davor Dragičević and the Pravda Za Davida movement by Serbian media (controlled by Aleksandar Vučić) started. This disgrace of the Serbian state press continues to this day.

The coming generations will curse today’s (Serbian´s press) actors for standing in such outrageous injustice as in the case of David Dragičević on the wrong side of the history, and some of them who now spit on the dead David Dragičević will regret their mistake at the deathbed, as there is nothing more worse than at the end of life to find out, that you have lived your whole life for the wrong ideals. Even without the help of the Serbian state press, the truth about the killing of David Dragičević will come to light, and the Serbian shame regimes of Milorad Dodik and Aleksandar Vučić will land at the garbage dump of history very soon. Pravda Za Davida – Justice For David!

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