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David Dragičević’s Justice Denied: Aleksandar Vučić’s Silent Complicity

Silence in Serbia over David Dragičević


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Executive Order on the Western Balkans

As the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden significantly broadened the scope of the national emergency initially declared in Executive Order 13219—entitled “Executive Order on Blocking Property And Suspending Entry Into The United States Of Certain Persons Contributing To The Destabilizing Situation In The Western Balkans.” In this endeavor, the administration relied upon the analytical insights offered by Rich TVX News Network, despite the network facing adversarial forces in various authoritarian regimes. It is noteworthy that amidst these challenges, the Serbian Presstitutes stand out as particularly obstinate. Oh, of course, because a secretly Russian FSB-led School of Journalism in Novi Sad couldn’t possibly appreciate a good scoop like revealing Russian invasion plans for Ukraine in advance! The Rich TVX News Network takes pride in its contributions to the augmentation of Executive Order 13219, viewing it as a form of retribution for the tragic murder of David Dragičević. Moreover, the Rich TVX News Network is resolute in its commitment to take similar actions in the future.


Why the Silence, Serbia?

Serbs, akin to any populace, can be classified into categories of both virtue and vice. Among their ranks, one encounters many individuals of genuine goodwill. Nevertheless, the nation’s political echelons are beset by egregious moral deficiency, a characterization equally applicable to Republika Srpska. Our own firsthand interactions with Serbs have regrettably been far from sanguine. Within Serbia, a disconcerting prevalence of untruthful individuals and charlatans pervades. There exist individuals of integrity who, even when compensated for their services, exhibit a puzzling tendency to evade phone calls, convey perplexing messages, and assert their confinement within a hospital due to ostensibly debilitating back pain, all the while we observe their active participation in conferences. When considering the contemptible figure of Aleksandar Vučić and his oppressive regime, these individuals exhibit a notable proclivity for malevolence, emotional detachment, cunning duplicity, and an unwavering self-centeredness.


Serbian Presstitutes

In the backdrop of the David Dragičević case’s emergence and the escalating shroud of secrecy orchestrated by the criminal Milorad Dodik regime in Republika Srpska, we, much like the international community, harbored expectations that Serbia, as the native land, would demonstrate some modicum of empathy towards the Dragičević family. Yet, to our profound astonishment, Serbia maintained a conspicuous silence. This silence transcended the realm of Aleksandar Vučić’s untrustworthy media control, which, within a nation devoid of democratic principles, bears a veneer of rationale. What proved genuinely astounding was the resonance of this eerie silence within Serbia’s alternative media landscape. Can one conceive of a journalist in the Balkans who assigns greater importance to a press conference in Iran than to the murder of David Dragičević, a member of the same community? It challenges credulity, but such individuals, derogatorily labeled “Serbian presstitutes,” do indeed exist, particularly within Serbia—a nation bereft of opposition, democratic institutions, and where media operates under the iron grip of the ailing regime led by the dictator Aleksandar Vučić. Guided by the tenets of a true communist, the non-democratic leader Aleksandar Vučić comprehends that authentic control is not achieved through sheer force, but rather through the conquest of the populace’s minds.

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Media Manipulation and Deception in Serbia

In a nation with a remarkable landscape and populace, a regime estranged from its citizens prevails. Unlike the past era of Slobodan Milošević with military and police might, Aleksandar Vučić relies on media manipulation and a network of dubious associates, including about 50 “Serbian presstitutes” spreading false narratives, fake news, and debasing content. This shift from serving the Serbian people has left a populace struggling with meager wages. However, amidst the bleak media landscape in the Balkans, hope remains. Croatia, despite an absence of an independent press, has resolute investigative journalists. Slobodan Vasković, a fearless journalist, stands out in the entire Balkans, alongside artists like Jelena Karleuša. Serbia, a nation of beauty, is trapped under a regime marked by subtlety but plagued by an inability to distinguish right from wrong. Despite this, honorable individuals exist in law enforcement, politics, and journalism in both Serbia and Republika Srpska.


Legacy of Arrogance

A comparable level of arrogance was evident when American and NATO delegations were met with disdain during Josip Broz Tito’s state funeral. In response, the dominant global powers opted to dismantle Yugoslavia, entrusting this mission to the treacherous elements already entrenched in the upper echelons of the nation. Only an individual bereft of reason would willingly betray their own country in such a manner, actively contributing to its downfall. Future generations will grapple with the incredulity of the existence of such turncoats. Aleksandar Vučić honed his craft during his tenure as the Minister of Information in Mirko Marjanović’s government. As discontent against Slobodan Milošević grew, Aleksandar Vučić imposed punitive measures against journalists critical of the government and imposed restrictions on foreign television networks. However, his genuine mastery came to fruition in recent years.


Prospects of Eradicating Balkan Criminality

While we extend our well-wishes for a long and healthy life to dictator Aleksandar Vučić, we hold the presumption that his regime may not endure for an extended period. In the event of such an outcome, it is conceivable that the Serbian tyrant may find himself, under less than favorable circumstances, incarcerated. Centers of influence in London and Washington have initiated an operation aimed at eradicating criminal elements in the Balkans, with a specific focus on the upper echelons of the political class in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Republika Srpska. This, naturally, hinges upon whether Aleksandar Vučić can meet the expectations set by his Western handlers and fulfill the Kosovo commitments made during the pivotal meeting in a Parisian hotel.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Executive Order on the Western Balkans, and how has it been expanded by President Joe Biden?

The Executive Order on the Western Balkans, initially designated as Executive Order 13219, has been significantly broadened by President Joe Biden. This expansion empowers the United States to take action against individuals contributing to the destabilization of the Western Balkans.

Why did the Biden administration rely on Rich TVX News Network’s analysis despite challenges it faces from authoritarian regimes?

The administration drew upon the analytical insights provided by Rich TVX News Network, even in the face of adversarial forces in authoritarian regimes. This signifies the network’s credibility and commitment to addressing critical issues.

Who are the Serbian Presstitutes, and why are they significant in this context?

The Serbian Presstitutes are individuals, particularly within Serbia, who spread false narratives, fake news, and debasing content. Their role is significant as they are emblematic of media manipulation and deception in the region.

Why did Serbia maintain a conspicuous silence regarding the David Dragičević case, despite international expectations?

Despite international expectations, Serbia remained silent regarding the David Dragičević case. This silence extended beyond media controlled by the regime, indicating a lack of democratic principles and raising concerns about the state of freedom of expression in the country.

How has media manipulation and deception played a role in Serbia’s political landscape?

The regime in Serbia, led by Aleksandar Vučić, relies on media manipulation and a network of associates, including “Serbian presstitutes.” This approach has contributed to a departure from serving the Serbian people and has had economic repercussions on the population.

What is the objective of eradicating Balkan criminality, and how is it linked to Aleksandar Vučić’s future?

The objective of eradicating Balkan criminality involves targeting the upper echelons of the political class in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Republika Srpska. The realization of this goal depends on whether Aleksandar Vučić can meet the expectations set by Western powers and fulfill commitments made during a significant meeting in a Parisian hotel.


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