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Olaf Goes To Washington

Will little Olaf get along in the big wide world, or will he return purified?

Olaf Goes To Washington

NEW YORK ( — There’s a dark cloud of ambiguity hanging around Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz as he makes his first trip to visit President Biden. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is about Olaf Scholz’s apparent reluctance to make forceful statements on the Ukraine crisis, and cites a cosmogonic myth, which we summarize as follows from a German variant: “Before the world was created there was only an unending mass of water, on which God and the Devil walked about. When God had decided to create this world he sent the Devil ‘to the bottom of the sea to take, in God’s name, some of the seed of Earth and bring it back to him on the surface of the water.’ Twice the Devil dived to the bottom of the sea, but, instead of taking the seed of Earth in God’s name, as he had been commanded to do, he took it in his own name. Well, Olaf Scholz appeared on the fake ever-untrustworthy German media to flatly deny that he was being too passive and that NATO partners considered him unreliable: Not only was he working intensively with all NATO partners, Olaf Scholz said, but he was planning a trip to Moscow to speak with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia personally. Back to our story. On a third descent to the bottom of the Waters the Devil took the seed in his own name and in God’s. When he returned to the surface, a little mud-that is, the amount he had taken in God’s name-remained under his fingernails; all the rest of it had slipped through his fingers. With the mud that was left under the Devil’s fingernails God made a mound of earth, on which he lay down to rest. Thinking that God was asleep, the Devil decided to throw him into the water and drown him, so that he should be left sole lord of the Earth. But the farther Devil rolled God, the more the Earth grew. Well, Olaf Scholz is heading to Washington for the first time as chancellor at a time when a major international crisis has exposed a difference of opinions. Olaf Scholz has a business-oriented perspective on Russia when it comes to Ukraine. Will little Olaf get along in the big wide world, or will he return purified?

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Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz is a German politician serving as the Chancellor of Germany since 8 December 2021. A member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), he previously served as Vice Chancellor of Germany under Angela Merkel and as Federal Minister of Finance from 2018 to 2021. He was also First Mayor of Hamburg from 2011 to 2018 and deputy leader of the SPD from 2009 to 2019. Following the 2021 German federal election, Scholz’s federal government is a traffic light coalition composed of his SPD, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Scholz is a lawyer specialising in labour and employment law. He became a member of the SPD in the 1970s and was a member of the Bundestag from 1998 to 2011. He served in the Hamburg Government under First Mayor Ortwin Runde in 2001, before his election as General Secretary of the SPD in 2002, serving alongside SPD leader and then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. He became his party’s Chief Whip in the Bundestag, later entering the First Merkel Government in 2007 as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. After the SPD quit the Government following the 2009 election, he returned to lead the SPD in Hamburg, and was elected Deputy Leader of the SPD. He led his party to victory in the 2011 Hamburg state election, and became First Mayor, holding that position until 2018. After the SPD entered the Fourth Merkel Government in 2018, Scholz was appointed as both Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor of Germany. In 2020, he was nominated as the SPD’s candidate for Chancellor of Germany for the 2021 federal election. The party won a plurality of seats in the Bundestag and formed a coalition with the Greens and the FDP. On 8 December 2021, Scholz was elected and sworn in as Chancellor by the Bundestag.