OAN – Real America w/ Dan Ball Interviews Kari Lake on VAXX Coercion

September 16, 2021, OAN – Real America w/ Dan Ball Interviews Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on the VAXX Coercion plaguing our country.

We face so many challenges to take back our state from the swampy political class and finally put Arizona first.

Visit www.karilake.com to learn more.


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  • Can anybody positively identify the people behind the "SMEAR KARI CAMPAIGN ADDS" that we are seeing already. I would really like to know who these BUMS are. They are bold enough to attack, but hairless as to who they really are. They are hiding behind some made up organization. They are waisting their money as far as I can see ! They are totally GUTLESS when compared to the "In Your Face" , "Call It Like It Is " campaign that Kari is running !

  • Can't wait for Kari Lake to be governor. She will fight for the people….no doubt!

  • My idiot bosses are asking people if they have had the shot and they are demanding proof … I’m waiting to be fired and am totally okay with that.

  • We need results based policy.

    * If you are under 45 and don't have a medical condition that says you need to, forget about vaccine, it is more likely to put you in the hospital than covid is.
    * 45 to 70 is a judgement call. Are you in excellent health? Don't really need it. The more health problems you have, the better an idea this is. Over 60, unless you have EXCELLENT health, the vaccine is a really good idea.
    * Over 70? Unless you are ready to die, get the vaccine. An unvaccinated 75 year old has a 1/3 chance of dying when they catch covid. And you will catch covid, every last one of us.

    What does a healthy 30 year old and an effectively vaccinated 70 year old have in common? They have equal odds of dying of covid. I have plans for my retirement, don't you?

  • My employer was trying to coerce employees into getting vaccinated by requiring weekly covid tests for everyone who is not vaccinated. Two weeks later, never mind. Somebody must have pushed back.

  • 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  • These people won't be laughing once the Nuremberg trials start and they are on trail for crimes against humanity and are facing the death penalty.

  • You go Kari.

  • Where are the Libtards NOW with their "My body, MY CHOICE "?!!

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