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Notice of Resignation Anticipated: Jake Sullivan Is No Longer Tolerable For The White House

The Russian Trojan Horse has now become the Trojan Snake in American politics

Notice of Resignation Anticipated: Jake Sullivan Is No Longer Tolerable For The White House

NEW YORK ( — The Rich TVX News Network month’s black mark for bad diplomacy is awarded to Jake Sullivan. He looks like a waspier version of Tom Hagen, the fictional character in Mario Puzo’s novel “The Godfather.” Jake Sullivan, the American political advisor who currently serves as the United States National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden – aka “The Iceman” – is in the news again. Jake Sullivan will most probably lose his job as the United States National Security Advisor after he admitted meeting with Serbian Mafia Don Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian Pablo Escobar. It’s like a freaky real-life episode of Clear and Present Danger (The Cartel movie). This is a catastrophe for the Biden Harris Administration. For the second time in this month, another criminal Deep State operative is caught trying to wash Serbian criminal scum Aleksandar Vučić clean. Is Jake Sullivan a bad person? Many believe that human nature is thoroughly corrupt, and totally depraved. The Aleksandar Vučićs of this world, drug dealers, and corrupt politicians confirm for them the reality of fundamental depravity. Well, the 2022 disaster for the UN General Assembly is unveiled to almost universal dislike. The worlds of politics and organized crime moved closer together as Jake Sullivan met with a Serbian dictator, cartel boss, drug lord and gun trader. Aleksandar Vučić – who you may remember from Narcos Serbia – didn’t actually confirm with whom he’s working with in the United States, but he and Jake Sullivan have been seeing each other recently. As described in the White House statement “They also discussed Serbia’s progress in attracting foreign investment, ensuring the resiliency of its supply chains…”. That’s a strange statement. Supply chains for which product? Does this product have a white-brown color? The legend of the Trojan Horse takes us back to ancient Greece. Documents seized from Russian agents established irrefutably that the Kremlin is directing an international spy ring out of Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić could use a Russian friend for the trip to New York, but that would uncover much of his Russian Trojan Horse role in the schemes. During the orgies in New York, Serbian and Russian comrades would sing both in Russian and Serbian, such songs as the Communist hymn of love called “You Can Count On Us.“ In our intelligence research we had learned from documents and authentic excerpts from documents gathered from numerous sources in Serbia, that Aleksandar Vučić is under powerful Kremlin influence. We know Aleksandar Vučić to be a Russian Trojan Horse. We know how orders came through from Moscow, to train and equip members in Serbia. Well, the Russian Trojan Horse has now become the Trojan Snake in American politics. With the Vučić – Putin Pact in force, Aleksandar Vučić can’t wait until Vladimir Putin’s troops invade whole Europe, so he needs allies.

Jake Sullivan
Oliver Ivanović

jeffrey sonnenfeld russia list,Aleksandar Vučić Steals, Lies, and Slices Throats

Vladimir Cvijan was a Serbian lawyer and politician. He served as the legal advisor and General Secretary to President of Serbia Boris Tadić. Eight years ago, Vladimir Cvijan abruptly disappeared from public life, after publicly denouncing the criminal regime of Aleksandar Vučić. During Vladimir Cvijan’s absence from Belgrade, Aleksandar Vučić seized power inside the SNS party and began spreading wild rumors aimed at breaking down the faith of the SNS people in Vladimir Cvijan. This Vučić plot succeeded and Vladimir Cvijan was forced to flee Serbia to save his life. Vladimir Cvijan was killed by the Aleksandar Vučić cartel. Betrayal, deceit, blackmail, and a vicious Aleksandar Vučić drug cartel all play a part in what could mean the death of Vladimir Cvijan. Officially, he died by drowning in the Danube on 5 January 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia, according to the regime´s Higher Public Prosecutor Office. Before that there was no single trace of his fate, except for some tabloid claims that he allegedly fled the country to the United States. His death was kept hidden from the public for three years by the Aleksandar Vučić cartel, until it was revealed by the media in March 2021. The circumstances and reasons why his death was hidden from the public for so long are still unknown. It was a signal that the Aleksandar Vučić drug cartel would not tolerate treason. On 16 January 2018, Oliver Ivanović, a Kosovo Serb politician, was shot in a drive-by shooting while entering his office in North Mitrovica. Oliver Ivanović had opposed Aleksandar Vučić. And Jake Sullivan met with someone like that? Whoa, are you pumped for this or what Jake? Jake Sullivan must have lost his mind! WTH! Adding to the scandal: Aggressive Balkan dictators are one thing, but this is taking the White House to new extremes. Actually, if you’ve ever met a real drug lord, this is pretty bad news for the White House. Serbian criminal dictators are like, what? Prison stripes and it looks like the Serbian tyrant is about to do somebody some harm. We already know United States National Security Advisors aren’t funny; are they evil at design, too? This undoubtedly is the real secret behind the Aleksandar Vučić drug cartel — the power of the highly organized, utterly ruthless Deep State operatives in the highest positions.

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Jake Sullivan

Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan (born November 28, 1976) is an American political advisor who currently serves as the United States National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden. He was previously the deputy assistant to President Barack Obama, National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden (during his tenure as vice president), deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Department of State, senior advisor to the U.S. government at the Iran nuclear negotiations, and senior policy advisor to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, as well as visiting professor at Yale Law School. On November 23, 2020, President-elect Biden announced that Sullivan would be appointed as his national security advisor. He took office January 20, 2021.

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National Security Advisor (United States)

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor (NSA),[2][Note 1] is a senior aide in the Executive Office of the President, based at the West Wing of the White House. The National Security Advisor serves as the principal advisor to the President of the United States on all national security issues. The National Security Advisor is appointed by the President and does not require confirmation by the United States Senate. An appointment of a three- or four-star General to the role requires Senate reconfirmation of military rank.[3]The National Security Advisor participates in meetings of the National Security Council (NSC) and usually chairs meetings of the Principals Committee of the NSC with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense (those meetings not attended by the President). The NSA also sits on the Homeland Security Council (HSC).The National Security Advisor is supported by NSC staff who produce classified research and briefings for the National Security Advisor to review and present, either to the National Security Council or directly to the President.