The Joe Cozzo Show – Ron DeSantis Is On The Rise 6/25/21

Donald Trump may be the 2024 GOP front-runner; however, Ron Desantis’ stock is soaring, and when one king falls, another one rises.

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  • What's wrong with you? You're dividing people Biden is 78?

  • About, "The Daily Beast," these idiots have the nerve to attack a Congress person. Who was probably framed! But there's NO mention of MANY VIDEOS of sniffy, touchy, smelling, creepy, gropping, assaulting, quid pro quo joe biden! Who has had people testify against him! Plus he's BRAGGED ABOUT THE QUID PRO QUO! That creep, they allowed to STEAL an election! WHY? ANSWER : birds of a feather flock together, that's why! 👀😵😠

  • DeSantis for President!!! I cheered Trump on but I can emotional handle the hate flung at him. DeSantis will bring the country together and definitely attract the independents.

  • Tell JOE to have a rumble account

  • 2024? Are you Fn kidding? Why don't you be man enough to question why Trump is promoting and taking credit for faxines that are killing and maiming people? Stop with all the bootlicking!

  • I often check the USA.GOV jobs search results for border patrol agents and other openings that are high need emergency hire priority while Dems lie to everyone and we continue to be over the target

  • Just returned from Pensacola for the week from Kansas city what a great time we had Florida is alive as ever and growing. DeSantis has to be more public if he wants to win more votes and travel with 45

  • I am a Florida resident and I like Gov. Desantis, I will definitely vote for him again. At the same time, I think he's a savvy politician that's just following GOP trends and not going in any deeper on policy. I read some the bills the Gov signs and many don't go far enough. The election integrity bill does not properly tackle voter ID, removing dead or inactive voters on the roll or election machines. His anti-vaccine passport bill STILL allows for Florida State Health Officials to mandate vaccines if necessary if someone is deemed a threat to public health (See Florida Bill 2006, line 1111). He's banned critical race theory in schools but hasn't properly implemented a better curriculum for our students and they are getting dumber every day. Many of our teachers are also not qualified to teach. Lastly, the Tech bill he signed does not place the fine immediately on these companies if they censor people and its up to the FL AG to bring a case against these companies. A crooked AG won't do anything. Lastly, he takes a lot of money from establishment donors. People are trying to position him as Trumpism without Trump but he's not like Trump. Also, people are so caught up with his demeanor and think the press won't go after him like they did Trump. Demeanor is a distraction from policy and real action. The press is already setting up to go after Desantis by labeling him worse than Trump. They will attack ANYBODY but who can withstand it? President Trump never had the opportunity to have a nice demeanor as he had to go through unprecedented attacks from the media and federal government. He had to go through two phony impeachments and a 40 million dollar fake investigation. I don't think anybody in the GOP can withstand 1/4 of what President Trump went through. They would submit.

  • America is NOT a democracy…smh. We are, and always have been, a REPUBLIC.

  • Trump just had a rally and will run in 2024. I think the best thing for DeSantis would be to lobby to be Trump’s VP. I genuinely don’t want to see these two great men pitted against each other. And if Trump wins, this will easily pave the way for DeSantis to reign for 8 years as President, starting in 2028. We will need to lock down the election process in red and swing states (that are controlled by Republicans) now, to ensure Trump has a fair election. We need to think strategically and 10-15 years ahead.

  • God is not a Religion. God is not a Bible. God is not a Man. God can be what ever he wants. To know God you must accept his love for you and ask for forgiveness and put your faith in him. God is everything. God is more than Religion, more than a Bible. God gives us his Divine Philosophy for Humanity. God let's us see the world as it truly is. God will give us enteral life and only God can be this powerful.

       The one true God that can save your soul. God. The Creator of life. True loving spirit that is our father. To know God you must know Freedom and Human rights. If it is not Christian, it is Communist. God is common sense and righteousness. God is Good. God is Jesus. Jesus is God. God is true reality. God sets the standards of decency not man.

    It takes faith to believe in God. One example I believe God exist is I have a Godly conscience. I know God knows everything and more. God sees everything we do all the time for our entire life. I would not believe in true love, freedom, human rights and the idea of Righteousness being true to loving Father God. So many more examples. One more example is America is A Christian Nation based on Christian values. This obvious God exist. We celebrate Christmas which is celebrating Jesus Birthday. Christian Churches in every state. Bible is the most read book in the world claiming God does exist.
    God is the good spirit that loves us and also created heaven and hell.
    The Bible is full of metaphors like Heaven and Hell. Heaven is afterlife. Hell is no afterlife. Only those worthy of Gods' grace will know everything.
    God wants us to use free will to love him. Faith to believe in God is nesseccary so, free will will be utilized. God values free will. God could have created us without free will and simply made us love him like Zombies. God wants those that want love. Those that want hate the Devil gets.

    God is not a Religion because, Religions are corruptible God is Not corruptible.

    Fantasies should be good and respectable. Fantasies can be good and bad. About 100% of all Serial Killers have Evil fantasies before they strike.
    Fantasies go with free will, it's a choice, you choose your fantasies.
    Personal responsibility for your fantasies is personal responsibility for who you want to be.

    It is up to this generation and the next to strengthen America from its weakness. The Constitution has at least one major flaw. State should not come before Christianity. Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson got some things right and some things wrong.
    What form would it take to fix and Amend the Republic of America Constitution. Likely not separate Church and State however, there should be some leniencies so, churches would not institute some of their misguided values. For example, Abortion and Homosexuality should not be allowed no matter how corrupt a Church believes. Abortion is a No. Homosexuality should disqualify a person from claiming they are a righteous Christian and should not be allowed to vote.

  • Biden’s Marxists regime is leading America to the dead end 😰😰 I’ve been living in this country for 25 years, this is the worst government!

  • President Trump did NOT “fall!”

  • Everyone needs to visit your local IRS building and take a dump on the floor

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