LIVE: President Trump Visits The Border In Weslaco, TX for Border Wall Tour 06/30/21

Wednesday, June 30 2021: President Donald J. Trump visits the border down in Weslaco, TX for a Border Security Wall Tour with state officials and law enforcement.

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  • Please come back soon, President Trump!!!! We need you!!!!! We miss you and love you!!!!

  • Governor Abbot is in a wheelchair & went to the border, anyhow, being dutiful & sincere, & yet Kamala Harris, & not to mention Biden, who craved the positions they are in, have refrained from using the two legs they still each walk on — stumbling &/or awkward though the walking may be — to go to the border to address the mess that they two & their cohorts have created at the American borders. Go figure.

  • Trump MAGA make American’s trust voting system Again Trump A President who Love’s America and all American people ❤️🇺🇸🦅

  • Very SAD How the Election turned out. Just Disgusting! Trump would have had USA doing well but NO instead the Satanists Rigged it and Now it all Sucks.

  • If-You-Valued [All]-The-Major-[MoFo]s Across-Your-Fine-COUNTRY @-Around [R]-BILLION-Dollars-[R]-Piece … You-Could Dispatch [R]-Few-THOUSAND &-Totally Wipe-OUT Your National-DEBT!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke) Wink

  • Please sort out your sound etc. I really want to support you guys but the quality is so poor that I end up watching somewhere else so I don't miss what's being said.

  • Thank GOD! They are helping us TEXANS.
    Our president IS TRUMP!!

  • Why does this video look weird. Can anyone else see it?

  • Thank you for your honest news!

  • Great President!

  • This president gave us good news everyday , I couldn't stop myself by turning on the news , now I can't it's all bad news all the time. God Bless President Trump and his family !

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